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Bitcoin SV Node team plans to fix mAPI’s ‘evicted transactions’ problem


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There needs to be a better way for Bitcoin’s network to prioritize the transactions it receives, according to the Bitcoin SV Node development team. A preview of adjustments the team wants to make in 2023 lists “evicted transactions” for those using the mAPI protocol as a primary focus.

mAPI (originally known as Merchant API) was designed to be an additional service that could be offered to merchants accepting Bitcoin transactions. The idea was for merchants to connect to the API to receive live policy and fee quotes for submitting transactions, as well as submitting the transactions themselves and querying their status. The idea was to allow merchants to get “fee quotes” from transaction processors/miners to set the most appropriate fee at any given time to process their transactions quickly and perhaps even create a new industry of transaction brokers. mAPI can also obtain Merkle Proofs to record the exact time a transaction happened and create double-spend alerts


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