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Have you ever thought about quitting gaming?


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Has there ever been a time when you thought of just giving up playing at online casinos? 
Some things are hard to give up. In my current situation, I will not stop playing because first I only play once and then because everything I earn is still okay. 
There are also many situations that should have been corrected, but sometimes you really want to play even though you know you're going to win. 
I'm just thinking that when I win and double my investment, I'll just stop, of course so that I don't waste the time and time I spend playing so that I won't get my winnings back.

Have you ever thought about quitting gaming?

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Same here, I never gave it a thought before because I really enjoyed it so much! ❤️

It's given that sometimes you will not be lucky and lose, but by the time you win, it was all worth it. And besides, this is just my hobby, I know how to control myself. 🙂 

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