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depends on the casino.

some have slots you see in usa casinos.
some have fruit type slots or multi-game of slots you've never heard of before.
some have a combo of both.

if you see must hits, calculate the breakeven point!
dont assume the meter rise is the same as usa. (found one where breakeven was like 496 krona for $500 must hit.)

the other problem is that they'll convert usa $ to local currency but usually not vice versa.
no problem if you plan on going back to that country again.

you can probably convert foreign $ back to usa at your local bank.
but right now exchange rates back to usa suck.
i have thousands in pesos, cad, euros, iceland krona, etc and waiting for the strength of the dollar to drop so i can exchange.

i was in panama and decided not to visit the casinos because i dont want yet another currency, especially since i was just there for a short period of time

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