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Neanderthals [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:     Neanderthals
Developer:      KA Gaming
RTP:        95.43%
Volatility:      Medium volatility
Paylines:     4096
Reels:        6
Min Bet (all lines covered):      £1.00 (GBP)
Max Bet:       £4000 (GBP)
Top Win:       3000
Features:      Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 6 Reels
Themes:    Animals
Release Date    November 2017


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:Neanderthals


Neanderthals Slot Review


Neanderthals, developed and produced by the esteemed slot provider KA Gaming, is an engaging online slot game that takes players on an exciting journey back in time. Set on a captivating 6x4 reel grid, this slot offers an impressive 4096 bet ways, ensuring ample opportunities for winning combinations from left to right.


One of the standout features of Neanderthals is the scatter symbol, which not only pays out as a multiple of the total bet but also triggers an exhilarating free spins round when three or more scatters appear in the base game. The free spins feature can even be re-triggered, enhancing the potential for significant wins.




In addition to the scatter symbol, the game introduces a wild symbol that acts as a substitute for all other symbols except the scatter. During the free spins, the wild symbol takes on an additional role by applying a multiplier to any winning combination it helps to form, further boosting the excitement and potential rewards for players.


To add an extra layer of excitement, Neanderthals offers a bonus feature triggered by the appearance of at least three bonus symbols in the base game. This feature presents players with the opportunity to choose from a selection of identical images, each concealing a lucrative cash prize.


With a total of 11 paying symbols, including representations of a Neanderthal family and various animals from that era, Neanderthals successfully immerses players in the world of our closest relatives from ancient times. The carefully crafted cartoon-style symbols perfectly capture the essence of the era, while the reel set is elegantly framed by a vibrant jungle vine. In the backdrop, majestic mountains provide a picturesque glimpse of a pristine wilderness.


While the gameplay and visuals of Neanderthals are captivating, it is worth noting that the soundtrack falls short in creating an immersive atmosphere. However, the slot compensates with an impressive return to player (RTP) rate of 95.43% and a medium variance, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable experience for extended play sessions.




In terms of betting options, Neanderthals offers a range of bet sizes from 1.00 to 100, allowing players to tailor their wagers to their preferred level of risk and reward. For those curious about the potential winnings, the pay table for achieving a six-of-a-kind combination at the minimum bet includes the following payouts: 50 for the scatter symbol, 5 for the male Neanderthal symbol, 4 for the female/child Neanderthal symbol, 3 for the mammoth/sabre-toothed tiger symbols, 2.25 for the goat/spear symbols, and 1.85 for the fire/toadstools symbols. Additionally, the shell/ball symbols offer a payout of 1.50.


Neanderthals, with its captivating gameplay, visually appealing graphics, and rewarding features, guarantees an enthralling slot experience that transports players back in time to the era of our ancient relatives. With its ample bet ways, exciting bonuses, and generous payouts, this slot by KA Gaming is sure to provide hours of entertainment and the potential for impressive wins.



Neanderthals Slot Bonus Features

As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming introduces an array of captivating bonus features in their slot games, including their latest release. In the base game, the anticipation rises when players witness the magical moment of 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols gracefully emerging from the first reel, without a wild substituting, ultimately heralding the arrival of the highly sought-after bonus game. This bonus game unveils a mesmerizing display of numerous enchanting eggs, each holding the potential to bestow a bountiful cash prize upon the lucky player. What adds an extra dash of excitement is that the size of the wager directly correlates with the magnitude of the prize possibilities, enticing players to embrace the thrill of higher stakes.




Not only does this remarkable slot from KA Gaming astound players with its enthralling bonus game, but it also weaves the fabric of anticipation through the inclusion of scatter symbols. The reels come alive when 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols gracefully land anywhere on the reels, activating a cascade of 8, 15, 20, or an awe-inspiring 50 free games, respectively. The allure doesn't end there, for this wondrous feature can be re-triggered, granting players the chance to indulge in additional rounds of exhilarating free games, accompanied by the same generous rewards. It is worth noting that during these free games, a mere appearance of 2 scatter symbols will bestow upon the fortunate player 5 additional free games, further prolonging the enchantment.


To elevate the excitement even further, the presence of wild symbols in this phase of free games adds an element of surprise and potential for even greater rewards. These wilds carry the power to unleash a x2 or x3 multiplier, infusing each winning combination with an amplified sense of triumph, as players revel in the realization of multiplied winnings. This thrilling interaction between wild symbols and multipliers showcases KA Gaming's commitment to delivering an unparalleled slot experience, where every spin holds the promise of astonishing wins and unforgettable moments.




With their innovative bonus features, KA Gaming sets the stage for a truly immersive and unforgettable journey within the realm of slot gaming. Whether it's the enticing bonus game, the captivating free games with re-triggering potential, or the electrifying combination of wilds and multipliers, players are guaranteed a riveting experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next spin and the boundless possibilities it holds.




Neanderthals Slot Verdict


As a leading slot provider, KA Gaming has once again demonstrated their prowess in game design with the creation of this delightful and intricately crafted slot. Within its vibrant reels, players will discover an abundance of features that surpass the conventional expectations associated with this esteemed designer, ensuring a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience.


One of the standout qualities of this slot is the enchanting free games feature, which not only offers the potential for massive wins but also possesses the remarkable ability to re-trigger with the mere appearance of 2 scatter symbols. This captivating aspect prolongs the excitement and provides players with additional opportunities to revel in the thrills of the game. Moreover, during these free games, the inclusion of wild symbols introduces an enticing twist, as players can acquire valuable multipliers that enhance their winnings, adding a layer of anticipation and exhilaration to every spin.


While this slot boasts an impressive array of features, it is essential to note that the return to player (RTP) percentage falls slightly below the desired threshold, exhibiting a slight stinginess in its payout frequency. However, this slight drawback is offset by the wide range of betting options available, allowing players to customize their wagers according to their preferred risk appetite. Additionally, the medium variance of the game ensures a harmonious balance between frequent payouts and the potential for larger rewards, providing an engaging gameplay experience that doesn't overly compromise on either end of the spectrum.


In conclusion, KA Gaming has triumphed yet again with this fun-filled and meticulously designed slot, exceeding expectations by incorporating an impressive range of features that keep players entertained and enthralled throughout their gaming session. Although the RTP may not be as generous as desired and the absence of a gamble feature is lamentable, the slot compensates with its versatile bet spread and well-balanced medium variance, ensuring that players can revel in the joy of frequent wins without sacrificing the allure of substantial payouts. With its captivating gameplay, innovative features, and KA Gaming's unwavering commitment to excellence, this slot stands as a testament to the remarkable craftsmanship and ingenuity of the esteemed slot provider.

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