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Hat Seller [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:       Hat Seller
Developer:   KA Gaming
RTP:        96 %
Paylines:       243
Reels:     5
Min Bet (all lines covered):       £0.30 (GBP)
Max Bet:        £150 (GBP)
Top Win:      50
Features:       Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, 5 Reels, 243 Ways
Themes:     Luxury / High Life
Release Date   Mar 27, 2020


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:HatSeller


Hat Seller Slot Review

Hat Seller, an online slot created by KA Gaming, immerses players in a captivating shopping-themed adventure across its five reels and 243 Ways to Win. Showcasing an array of enticing features such as wilds, scatters, free spins, and multipliers, this slot takes the concept of winning big and indulging in extravagant experiences to a whole new level.


While many luxurious-themed slots revolve around opulent symbols like yachts, private jets, and lavish vacations, KA Gaming dares to stand out by focusing on an often-overlooked aspect: the desire of some individuals to splurge on a shopping spree. While Eyecon's Shopping Spree slot caters to the ladies with its emphasis on perfume and high heels, KA Gaming addresses the menfolk's inclination by celebrating the epitome of living the high life—the acquisition of a new hat.




Upon launching Hat Seller, KA Gaming introduces players to a world that may not boast Rodeo Drive's luxurious shopping emporium or its Oriental equivalent but nonetheless radiates a genial charm. The titular hat seller, sporting a towering stack of hats atop his head, welcomes players into a vibrant, cartoon-styled environment. The game's graphics, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensure a visually appealing experience on screens of any size. However, it's worth noting that the upbeat soundtrack, though enjoyable, can become overwhelming when combined with the sounds of the reels falling into place and the triumphant trills of winning spins—prompting many players, including ourselves, to reach for the mute button after a few minutes of play.


In our exploration of this exciting game, we opted to begin with minimum stakes of 0.30 per spin, although wagering options extend as high as 150.00 per spin. The dynamic paytable consistently displays the actual cash sums players can win based on their chosen stake. Awards are granted for matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel, with payouts varying depending on whether players achieve three, four, or five matching symbols.


Upon observing the paytable, it becomes evident that many of the low-value symbols fail to yield rewards that even cover the cost of a single spin. Profitable returns begin to surface only when landing five-of-a-kind combinations of Kings and Aces. Furthermore, even some of the higher-value symbols fall short of matching the initial stake for a mere three-of-a-kind combination. Therefore, players must either secure multiple wins or trigger the game's free spins and multipliers to unlock the most lucrative returns.




For reference, when playing at the minimum stake of 0.30 per spin, the following rewards were available:


  • J: 0.05, 0.10, 0.15
  • Q: 0.08, 0.15, 0.25
  • K: 0.10, 0.20, 0.50
  • A: 0.15, 0.30, 0.80
  • Banknotes: 0.20, 0.50, 1.00
  • Purple hat: 0.20, 0.80, 1.50
  • Orange hat: 0.25, 1.00, 2.00
  • Yellow hat: 0.30, 1.50, 3.00
  • Hat Seller: 0.50, 2.00, 5.00
  • Tree Scatter: 0.90, 3.00, 15.00


In summary, Hat Seller, an engaging slot crafted by KA Gaming, provides players with an enticing shopping-themed experience across its five reels and 243 Ways to Win. With its vibrant visuals, exciting features, and potential for rewarding wins, this game caters to those who appreciate the thrill of indulging in retail therapy, presenting a unique twist on the concept of luxury-themed slots.



Hat Seller Slot Bonus Features


As a slot provider, KA Gaming has ingeniously incorporated a captivating array of bonus features into their game, elevating the gameplay to new heights. The symbolic stack of hats assumes the role of the game's wild, possessing the remarkable ability to substitute for all other symbols, with the exception of the scatter, thereby enhancing the potential for winning combinations and amplifying players' excitement.




Interestingly, the developers have opted for an unconventional choice by selecting a tree symbol to fulfill the role of the game's scatter. Not only does this symbol hold the distinction of being the highest-paying symbol in the game, but it also serves as the trigger for the highly anticipated free spins bonus round. By successfully landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, players are generously rewarded with a remarkable allocation of 12 free spins, offering an extended opportunity to amass substantial winnings. It is important to note that, regrettably, the free spins cannot be retriggered, intensifying the anticipation and urgency to make the most of this exhilarating feature.


Throughout the course of the enthralling bonus round, the yellow, orange, and purple hat symbols acquire a newfound significance, adding an extra layer of intrigue and potential rewards. Each time one of these symbols lands on the reels, it captivates players with the allure of a randomly assigned multiplier value, which can range from an exhilarating 2x all the way up to an astounding 5x. This ingenious inclusion injects an element of unpredictability and suspense into the gameplay, as players eagerly anticipate each spin in hopes of securing not only winning combinations but also the opportunity to witness their winnings multiply before their eyes.




With KA Gaming's meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to bonus features, players are in for a thrilling and immersive gaming experience that is bound to keep them on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next spin and the potential rewards it may bring.



Hat Seller Slot Verdict


As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming presents Hat Seller, a game that, while not aligned with the conventional notions of luxury, undeniably exudes an enjoyable gameplay experience enriched by a myriad of intriguing features. However, to truly unlock the full potential of this game, players must successfully trigger the highly sought-after free spins bonus round. Within the confines of the base game, overall returns may appear lackluster, necessitating the acquisition of free spins and the accompanying multipliers to surge ahead in pursuit of substantial winnings. Undoubtedly, exploring Hat Seller in demo mode is a venture well worth undertaking, allowing players to acquaint themselves with its nuances and assess whether venturing into the realm of online casinos aligns with their personal inclinations. It is worth noting, however, that one's auditory senses may require respite from the cacophony of the game's soundtrack, making acquaintance with the mute button an imperative aspect of the gameplay experience.

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