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Save the Hamster[Evoplay] Slot Review | Demo Free Play - K8.io

Charles Cedric

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Title: Save the Hamster

Developer: Evoplay

Reels: N/A

Rows: N/A

Paylines: N/A

RTP: 95.04%

Free Spins Freq: N/A

Max Win: 1000x

Max Win Probability: N/A

Volatility: N/A

Min/Max Bet: 1/1000

Release Date: August 27, 2021


Now Play :https://k8.io/games/slots/evp_savethehamster



Save the Hamster: Slot Overview

Introducing Tom, an adorable little hamster who desperately requires your assistance to survive in a perilous forest. Save the Hamster is an exhilarating multiplayer crash game with a distinctive concept. Unlike traditional slot games, this game doesn't follow a specific grid or payline structure; instead, players have the opportunity to place bets. The visuals of this game resemble those of a contemporary animated movie, featuring the hamster, menacing toads, a dragonfly, birds, and other captivating elements in the background. The game's exhilaration is further enhanced by the energetic music that accompanies it. While there aren't any special features in this version, you can find more details about specific options in our comprehensive Save the Hamster game review. Furthermore, this game is mobile-friendly, allowing you to enjoy it on the go. If you're interested, you can try a free demo of Save the Hamster at K8.io.




The developers of Save the Hamster aimed for a straightforward gameplay experience. To play this crash game, all you need to do is select the desired amount you wish to bet and click the Bet button. It's possible that the game may already be in progress when you join, as it is a live multiplayer game. In such cases, your bet will be used for the next round. You have a window of ten seconds to choose your stake between each round. The minimum bet allowed is $1, while the maximum total bet is capped at $1,000.


On the main screen, you will find three additional buttons. The first button, represented by two papers, allows you to copy the text. The second button, depicted by bullet points, reveals the game rules when clicked. There is also a triple line button that, when pressed, opens a new column. Within this column, you can control the sound and screen size to suit your preferences. It also provides options to adjust general settings, review game history, and read the rules.


Save the Hamster: Slot Features
Traditional slot games typically feature various symbols with associated payouts. However, Save the Hamster operates differently. In this game, there are no specific symbols to consider. The main focus is on Tom, the hamster, and his ability to ascend as high as possible into the sky.


As Tom climbs higher, the multiplier also increases. Your task is to place a bet and let Tom soar. At any point, you can click Cash Out to collect your winnings, which will be determined by the displayed multiplier applied to your initial bet. However, it's important to note that Tom's flight can abruptly come to an end, leaving you with no winnings. Therefore, you must act swiftly and make the right decision to maximize your chances of success.


While Save the Hamster doesn't offer traditional bonus features, there are a few noteworthy elements that enhance the gameplay experience.


Firstly, players have the option to place two simultaneous bets in a single round. These bets can have different amounts, and you have the freedom to cash out each bet independently. This means you can choose to cash out one bet while leaving the other active for a few more seconds, adding an extra layer of strategic decision-making.


The multiplayer aspect of the game sets it apart from others. Save the Hamster is a live game that allows multiple players to participate simultaneously. You can compete with other players in real-time to achieve the highest scores. A leaderboard displays the top one hundred players at any given moment. It's worth noting that the game offers low-risk gameplay, enabling you to cash out even when the multiplier is as low as 1.01. However, if you're inclined to take bigger risks, the highest multiplier achievable is worth 1,000 times the total bet.


Save the Hamster does not include features like free spins, wild icons, scatter icons, or mini-games, which is typical for an instant game. The focus is on the fast-paced and thrilling gameplay without the need for additional features.


Save the Hamster: Verdict

Save The Hamster offers a refreshing departure from the typical free online slot games we've reviewed. Its gameplay will be instantly recognizable to those familiar with crash-style games, and the inclusion of a chat window adds a enjoyable social aspect to the experience.


The adorable character of Tom may appeal to younger audiences, but we found it engaging to anticipate the upcoming obstacles that could potentially end his journey.


One standout feature of the game is the ability to place two bets per round, allowing players to split their bets and diversify their risk. This addition adds a layer of strategic decision-making, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

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