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Bubble Double [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:     Bubble Double 
Developer:     KA Gaming
RTP:      96 %
Paylines:     243
Reels:     5
Min Bet (all lines covered):     $0.40 (CAD)
Max Bet:     $200 (CAD)
Top Win:      250000
Features:    Wild Symbol, Multiplier, 5 Reels, 243 Ways
Themes:      Space
Release Date   July 2019


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:BubbleDouble


Bubble Double Slot Review


Bubble Double, developed by KA Gaming, is an engaging online slot that immerses players in a tranquil world of bubbles. With its delightful fruit theme, featuring five reels and 243 Ways to Win, this slot offers a captivating experience. One of its standout features is the Expanding Wild Reel, which not only enhances the gameplay but also incorporates 2x multipliers that synergize to amplify the excitement.


Bubbles possess a serene and soothing quality, capable of captivating our attention as we joyfully pop bubble wrap or watch mesmerized as bubbles float away from soapy dishes. Recognizing this universal appeal, game developers have harnessed the allure of bubbles in various games, including the delightful Double Bubble slot set in a vibrant launderette. Interestingly, KA Gaming has opted to name its own creation Bubble Double, leading to potential confusion among players. Therefore, we felt compelled to explore this new addition to their portfolio and assess its merits.




At first glance, Bubble Double might appear to belong to the realm of cartoon-themed slots; however, it surprises players with its fruit-based theme. KA Gaming, for reasons known only to their team, decided to infuse a retro vibe into this fruity adventure, adorning each fruit symbol with an encapsulating bubble. These bubbles adopt the colors of the fruits they encase, resulting in a visually striking game where blueberries, watermelons, pineapples, and even starfruit burst forth with vibrant hues. The bubbles are artfully accentuated and exhibit a gentle bouncing animation upon landing, evoking a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.


As the gameplay unfolds, the fruits are liberated from their bubbles when they form winning combinations alongside a wild multiplier, creating a thrilling visual spectacle. Accompanying the gameplay is a delightful soundtrack, composed of synthesized tunes that infuse an additional layer of enjoyment into the experience.


In Bubble Double, players can place bets ranging from 0.40 to 200.00 per spin. To secure cash payouts, one must align three, four, or five symbols on consecutive reels, beginning from the leftmost reel. The payout amounts are expressed as multiples of the total stake, with various fruits offering different rewards:


  • Watermelon: 0.05x, 0.07x, 0.25x
  • Plum: 0.1x, 0.12x, 0.25x
  • Peach: 0.12x, 0.25x, 0.5x
  • Starfruit: 0.12x, 0.25x, 0.62x
  • Kiwi fruit: 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x
  • Blueberry: 0.25x, 1x, 2.5x
  • Pineapple: 0.62x, 1.87x, 3.12x




With Bubble Double, KA Gaming has crafted an enchanting slot experience that combines the captivating appeal of bubbles with a refreshing fruit theme. The vivid visuals, accompanied by the rewarding gameplay mechanics, make this game a delightful choice for both casual players and avid enthusiasts of online slots.



Bubble Double Slot Bonus Features


As a renowned slot provider, KA Gaming introduces a plethora of enticing bonus features in Bubble Double to elevate the gameplay experience. Central to these features is the vibrant and multicolored W, which serves as the game's wild symbol. Strategically positioned exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4, this wild symbol possesses the remarkable ability to expand and encompass all three positions on the reel, thus morphing into a powerful Stacked Wild Reel that amplifies the chances of winning combinations.




However, the excitement doesn't end there; in fact, it intensifies! Each appearance of the wild symbol brings along a generous 2x multiplier, enhancing the potential rewards. In situations where two or even three Wild Reels grace the reels simultaneously, the multipliers associated with each wild symbol are consolidated, paving the way for substantial cash payouts that can prove highly rewarding for those who indulge in real-money gameplay.


While Bubble Double predominantly follows the conventional payline structure, where wins are generated from left to right, an exception comes into play. When the Stacked Wild Reels manifest concurrently on reels 2, 3, and 4, an exciting twist occurs. In this exceptional scenario, the game bestows the opportunity for wins to be formed from right to left as well, augmenting the prospects of winning combinations. However, it's important to note that this feature does not apply to the formation of five-of-a-kind wins, which remain exclusive to the traditional left-to-right payout scheme.




With its captivating Stacked Wild Reels, multiplier-enhanced wild symbols, and the added possibility of right-to-left wins, Bubble Double showcases KA Gaming's dedication to crafting immersive and rewarding slot experiences that captivate players and unleash the potential for substantial payouts.


Bubble Double Slot Verdict

As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming delivers Bubble Double with an initial impression that may not elicit soaring expectations. Although the visuals boast an appealing aesthetic and the accompanying soundtrack exudes pleasant melodies, the gameplay itself initially appeared lackluster. True to our reservations, our balance started to dwindle despite experiencing fairly frequent wins. A glance at the paytable confirms the disappointingly low rewards, necessitating a climb of five symbols on the payout hierarchy and the attainment of a five-of-a-kind combination merely to recoup the initial stake.


However, fueled by determination, we persisted, and our efforts soon bore fruit as we began to unlock the captivating potential of the Expanding Wild Reels feature. While its arrival on reel 4 might not guarantee an immediate victory, the prospects drastically improve when it graces reel 2, presenting a remarkably high likelihood of generating multiple wins with each spin. A noteworthy attribute lies in the incorporation of the Winning Ways mechanic, where the Win Multipliers harmoniously merge to unleash a torrent of substantial payouts. Admittedly, this is not a game tailored to risk-averse players seeking conservative wagers; nevertheless, the allure of Bubble Double can be savored by all, as the option to revel in the demo mode absolves players of any financial risk while enabling them to relish the gameplay experience.


In essence, Bubble Double, crafted by KA Gaming, defies initial reservations and gradually unveils its hidden charms. As the Expanding Wild Reels enchant players with the potential for cascading victories and the amalgamation of Win Multipliers sets the stage for monumental payouts, the game evolves into a tantalizing pursuit. While it may not cater to those seeking swift and substantial returns, it rewards tenacity and offers an enticing adventure that can be relished without financial commitment through its risk-free demo mode.


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