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Fairy Dust [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:  Fairy Dust
Developer    KA Gaming
Release      05.07.2005
RTP    96.03%
Variance    MED
Max Win    1000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £    0.3( 2000 )
Layout    5-4
Game type    Video Slots
Paylines    50
Features       FreeSpins, Scatter symbols,Wild, Battle bonus
Theme    Animals, Fairytale, Nature
Last Update    09.07.2021


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:FairyDust


Fairy Dust Slot Review


The Fairy Dust video slot, developed by KA Gaming, emerges as an exquisite addition to their expanding collection of online and mobile optimized games. Hailing from Taiwan, KA Gaming has diligently crafted a diverse portfolio of captivating, equitable, and dependable slot games, now delighting players across numerous countries in Asia and beyond.


Within the enchanting realm of magical themes, the Fairy Dust video slot shines as an exceptionally captivating representative. As the reels come to life, one can behold the mesmerizing sight of fireflies gracefully dancing around, while vibrant and resplendent flowers serve as an enchanting backdrop, adorning the heart of the game.




During our comprehensive assessment for the Fairy Dust slot review, we discovered that the three ethereal fairies residing in this idyllic setting act as catalysts for the activation of bonus features when they gracefully flutter into their designated positions, consequently granting fortunate players access to remarkable rewards. By acquainting oneself with these exquisite characters, players stand a chance to amass wins of up to 200 times their total bet, whereas the mystical unicorn emerges as the harbinger of a remarkable prize, potentially reaching a staggering 1,000 times the amount wagered per line.


Against the mysterious ambiance of the forest, the game symbols boldly stand out, with resplendent flowers in an array of vivid hues comprising the lower-value symbols, thereby facilitating more frequent winning combinations. Achieving a triumvirate of orange or purple flowers aligned across three, four, or five reels from the left side will bestow wins of 10, 20, or even 200 times the line bet, while the white and blue flowers command values of 10, 30, or 200 times respectively. A mesmerizing green and red bird holds the potential to reward players with up to 400 times their wagered amount on each active payline.




Notably, a striking blue bird and a whimsical frog hold an equivalent worth of up to 400 times the line bet, while the symbol of a rabbit donning a magician's hat possesses the power to grant players a handsome payout of 500 times their line stake, without the need for any extraordinary trickery. Likewise, an orange dragon commands the same rewarding value as the rabbit symbol. However, it is the resplendent unicorn that reigns supreme, conferring the highest regular game prizes. During the course of our Fairy Dust slot review, we further ascertained that this mystical creature awards 10 times the line bet when appearing on reels one and two from the left, with the payouts escalating to 40, 200, or an astounding 1,000 times the bet when encountered on reels three, four, or five respectively.


Amongst the fairies, one possesses the remarkable ability to assume the guise of any of the aforementioned symbols, employing her magical prowess to complete winning combinations with her mere presence. Serving as the wild symbol, she adeptly bridges any gaps in sequences of matching symbols, extending winning streaks further towards the right side of the reels, thus magnifying the overall payout. However, it is important to note that the fairy herself does not yield individual payouts, rendering even a complete line of this symbol bereft of any tangible worth. Moreover, she cannot substitute for the scatter symbol, adhering to the game's mechanics and rules.



Fairy Dust Slot Bonus Features

As an esteemed slot provider, KA Gaming introduces an exceptional bonus feature within the captivating gameplay of the Fairy Dust video slot, wherein the emergence of five Bonus fairy pictures gracefully descending upon the playing field serves as the catalyst. Rather than the conventional reels, players are transported to a lush green lawn adorned with an enticing array of meticulously placed items, including a wooden bar, mesmerizing blue crystals, a delicate butterfly, a gleaming gold nugget, a captivating piece of amber, and an intriguing beetle. By deftly clicking on these enchanting items, players are rewarded with instant winnings, with the magnitude of the payout directly correlated to the chosen bet size, thereby heightening the anticipation and potential for lucrative rewards. Notably, the very symbol that triggers this alluring feature in its own right holds the promise of substantial winnings, with the amount of the reward calculated by multiplying the total bet by 0.4, 2.5, or an impressive 8.




Expanding upon the bounty of bonus offerings within the Fairy Dust slot, another symbol of significance manifests as the depiction of a fairy embellished with the coveted Scatter inscription. Should the fortuitous alignment of three scatters manifest itself across any position on the reels, players are bestowed with payouts equivalent to the total bet amount, amplified by a multiplier of 4, further amplifying the allure and potential rewards. Moreover, this felicitous game scenario simultaneously triggers a captivating sequence of 10 exhilarating free spins, suffusing the gameplay with a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation. As an added delight, preceding each of these enthralling free spins, a wild symbol gracefully materializes on every reel, excluding the first one, intensifying the possibilities for exceptional winning combinations. Furthermore, should the stars align once more, bestowing the player with a repeated combination of scatters during this bonus phase, an additional bounty of 5 free spins is graciously awarded, ensuring that the jubilation and prospects for prosperity continue unabated.





Fairy Dust Slot Verdict

With its enchanting animations, accompanied by a tinkling soundtrack that seamlessly complements its distinctive style, and adorned with an array of alluring and vibrant symbols, the Fairy Dust video slot possesses an inherent ability to imbue a touch of magic into the lives of any player fortunate enough to embark upon its whimsical reels. As we drew the curtains on our immersive journey through the captivating realm of the Fairy Dust video slot, a unanimous consensus resonated amongst our team, acknowledging that while the supplemental features may bear semblance to those encountered within numerous other slot machines, they undeniably exude an irresistible allure, promising abundant rewards and evoking resounding popularity amongst avid slot enthusiasts.


It is worth noting that KA Gaming, as a trusted and esteemed slot provider, adheres to the highest standards of quality and fairness. Each of their meticulously crafted slot machines undergoes rigorous independent testing and attains the necessary licensing, ensuring a secure and reliable gaming experience for players. To further augment the accessibility and convenience, players can revel in the opportunity to explore the enchanting world of the Fairy Dust video slot in practice mode, readily available on these very pages, allowing for an immersive and risk-free exploration of its captivating features. However, should one desire to venture forth into the realm of real-money play, where magical rewards await those daring enough to seize them, a simple search will unveil the availability of this captivating creation at one of our meticulously curated and highly regarded licensed online casinos, beckoning players to embark upon a thrilling journey brimming with potential riches and unparalleled excitement.


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