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Medal Winner Megaways [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:  Medal Winner Megaways
Provider:    KA Gaming
Release Date:    2020-09-02
Type:    Video Slots
RTP:    94%
Variance:    High
Max Win:    x50.00
Min bet $, €, £:    0.5
Max bet $, €, £:    2000
Layout:    6-5
Betways:    15625
Features: Book of ... mechanic, Expanding Symbols, FreeSpins, Multiway (+1024), Scatter symbols, Wild
Theme: Medieval, Middle Ages
Other tags: Dark blue, Violet
Last Update:    2020-09-09


Now playing: https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:MedalWinner


Medal Winner Megaways Slot Review

Introducing KA Gaming as a slot provider, we delve into the captivating world of their Medal Winner MegaWays game, where an array of remarkable features awaits. Within this game, players can revel in a staggering number of winways, ranging from 64 to an astonishing 15625, adapting to the dynamically changing layout of the field spanning from 6x2 to 6x5 (maximum size).


Embracing the realm of high variance, the game offers an acceptable hit frequency of approximately 29% alongside a commendable RTP of 95.89%. In crafting the mathematical model, the software Studio opted not to incorporate Multipliers or Jackpots, instead focusing on two primary features: MegaWays and Free Spins with Expanding Symbol.




However, what this slot lacks in alluring narratives or thought-provoking themes, it compensates with a medley of knights, noble emblems, shields, and a champion's name expertly intertwined. While the visual appeal may not mirror the intricacies of the mathematical framework, the spinning experience is often described as generic and monotonous due to uninspired symbols, an incongruous soundtrack, and an awkward sound overlay. Yet, a standout element of this slot is its remarkably high maximum bet of 2000 CAD—an atypical trait for a MegaWays machine.


As is customary for KA Gaming's slot releases and marketing campaigns, technical information regarding their Studio creations remains undisclosed, leaving players to rely on our pages for internal game lab results garnered through extensive testing and analysis. While these results may be subjective and unofficial, we strive to offer our perspective and provide recommendations whenever possible.

Although uncertainty lingers, given the lofty maximum bet, it is conjectured that the ultimate potential of the Medal Winner MegaWays slot is likely capped at approximately 7800 times the bet. Thus, regardless of the immense potential that an MW machine can harbor, developers consistently exhibit their control by scaling down the maximum profit.




Taking all aspects into careful consideration, when venturing into the realm of the Medal Winner MegaWays slot, players must be prepared for a typical high variance game with an elongated cycle, as the machine does not offer robust balance support, making attaining the bonus round quite arduous. Furthermore, with a relatively high minimum bet of 0.50 and the absence of safety features in the base game to aid players during downtrends, this slot may not be suitable for those operating on a limited budget. Conversely, for sessions accompanied by substantial starting capital, it is imperative to identify an optimal bet and adhere to it diligently, as this champion does not take kindly to betting fluctuations. Occasionally, adopting a "hit and run" strategy may also prove fruitful in testing one's luck.

Discover if your name has earned a spot on the prestigious honor list for the Medal Winner MegaWays slot. By accessing the free link on our site, you can bask in the gratification of a mock-up award. However, for those seeking a more exhilarating journey leading to tangible laurels and trophies, we invite you to sign up at one of our featured casinos and embark on a path befitting champions.



Medal Winner Megaways Slot Bonus Features

As an esteemed provider of slot games, KA Gaming showcases their prowess through the incorporation of captivating bonus features in their Medal Winner MegaWays slot, elevating the gameplay to new heights.


Employing the innovative MegaWays mechanics, the machine dynamically dispenses varying numbers of icons, ranging from 2 to 5, across all reels with each spin. With 6 reels in play, this results in a myriad of winways that can be calculated, spanning from a respectable 64 (222222 = 26 = 64) to an astounding 15625 winways (555555 = 56 = 15625). Essentially, any formation of 3 or more identical symbols on adjacent reels, commencing from the leftmost reel, bestows the coveted title of a Medal Winner.


Unleashing the power of Wilds, the game logo assumes the role of the Wild symbol within the slot. As a non-value symbol, it frequently emerges in stacked form, akin to other regular symbols. Wilds possess the remarkable ability to substitute for standard icons, thereby forging or enhancing lucrative combinations that contribute to rewarding payouts.




Venturing further into the realm of excitement, Scatters and Free Spins beckon players with enticing prospects. The red shield embodies the Scatter symbol in this game, capable of gracing any reel. Notably, it reigns supreme on the provision board as the highest value symbol, bestowing generous rewards of 2x, 5x, 20x, and 50x the total bet for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6OAK shields, respectively. Moreover, the appearance of Scatter formations corresponding to these quantities triggers a corresponding number of Free Spins, ranging from 10 to 50. It is also worth noting that a fortuitous re-trigger opportunity lies within the realm of the Bonus round, further amplifying the potential for captivating gameplay experiences.


Setting the stage for anticipation, prior to the commencement of the round, a random symbol is selected to assume an expansive role (excluding Wilds and Scatters), reminiscent of the renowned "Book of..." technique. This chosen special symbol undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, expanding to occupy entire reels, thereby enhancing the possibilities for substantial wins. Following this expansion, a new calculation ensues, and the adorned reels dispense gratifying payouts, even if they are not adjacent, further augmenting the excitement and potential for lucrative rewards.




With an amalgamation of MegaWays mechanics, captivating Wilds, alluring Scatters, and the exhilarating realm of Free Spins with expanding symbols, KA Gaming's Medal Winner MegaWays slot emerges as a testament to their commitment to delivering an enthralling and rewarding slot experience.


Medal Winner Megaways Slot Verdict


In conclusion, KA Gaming's Medal Winner MegaWays slot showcases their expertise as a slot provider, offering a captivating gaming experience enriched with innovative features. With the implementation of the MegaWays mechanics, players are treated to dynamic gameplay where different numbers of icons grace the reels, resulting in a multitude of winways that can reach impressive heights. From 64 to a staggering 15625 winways, the potential for exciting wins is abundant.


The inclusion of Wilds adds an extra layer of excitement, as the game logo symbol assumes this role, appearing stacked and substituting for regular symbols to create or enhance winning combinations. Scatters and Free Spins take the gameplay to new heights, with the red shield symbol serving as the Scatter, bestowing substantial rewards and triggering an enticing number of Free Spins. Additionally, the chance for a re-trigger within the Bonus round further adds to the thrill.


The slot's bonus features extend to the selection of a random symbol to expand, reminiscent of the popular "Book of..." technique, amplifying the excitement as the chosen special symbol expands to occupy entire reels. This expansion, accompanied by a new calculation, results in gratifying payouts, even if the adorned reels are not adjacent.


While the visual presentation may not reach the same level of sophistication as the mathematical intricacies, with uninspired symbols, an inappropriate soundtrack, and awkward sound overlay, the slot does not fully immerse players in its theme. However, the standout feature lies in the remarkably high maximum bet of 2000 CAD, offering an atypical wagering option for a MegaWays machine.


Considering the various aspects of the Medal Winner MegaWays slot, it is essential to approach the game with caution. As a typical high variance slot with a drawn-out cycle, the machine does not provide robust balance support, making it challenging to trigger the Bonus round. The relatively high minimum bet of 0.50 and the absence of safety features in the base game pose a challenge for budget-conscious players.


Nonetheless, for players with substantial starting capital, identifying an optimal bet and adhering to it diligently can lead to rewarding gameplay sessions. It is advisable to exercise patience and adopt a strategic approach, such as occasional "hit and run" attempts, to optimize the chances of success.


As the name suggests, Medal Winner MegaWays holds the allure of victory, enticing players to explore its gameplay. While it may not captivate with a compelling narrative or visually stunning elements, its unique features, high potential, and KA Gaming's reputation as a slot provider make it a contender worth considering. Embark on the journey and see if you have what it takes to claim your place on the honor list of Medal Winner MegaWays, where triumph awaits those who dare to spin the reels.


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