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Charles Cedric

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Title: Cash Pandas
Developer: Slotmill
Reels: 7
Rows: 7
Paylines: Cluster Pays
RTP: 96.19%
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: 10,000x
Max Win Probability: N/A
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/25
Release Date: May 9, 2023


Now Play :https://k8.io/games/slots/slotmill:CashPandas


Cash Pandas: Slot Overview
Slotmill is a creative Swedish iGaming studio that may be small in size but consistently captures the hearts of players. Their latest upcoming release, Cash Pandas, is a remarkable creation featuring raccoons on a quest for wealth and treasures, set in a lively back-street alley in a cartoonish version of New York. The game employs the innovative Avalanche Cluster Pays mechanics on a grid with 7 reels and 7 rows. To form a winning combination, symbols must appear in groups of 5 or more. When this occurs, the symbols vanish, fueling a special Meter, and new symbols cascade into place, potentially forming new winning clusters. Cash Pandas is fully optimized for mobile play and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Alongside the standard Autoplay function, this high-energy slot machine offers several other advanced features. Burst Mode allows for two rounds per second, displaying all wins, and can be adjusted to suit the player's preferences. Furthermore, Fast Track introduces Slotmill's implementation of a Bonus Buy feature, enhancing the gaming experience.




Cash Pandas, developed by Slotmill, is a video slot game featuring a 7x7 grid layout. The game incorporates the exciting avalanche cluster pays mechanic, which means that winning combinations are formed by landing 5 or more identical symbols adjacent to each other in horizontal and/or vertical positions. The betting range allows players to choose a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum bet of $25.


With a reasonably balanced return to player (RTP) rate of 96.16%, Cash Pandas offers an opportunity for significant wins with its high volatility. Players have the chance to win up to 10,000 times their initial bet.


In this engaging raccoon-themed adventure, the game includes several impressive features to enhance your chances of scoring big payouts. These features include Avalanche, Wild Symbols, Giant Symbols, Battery Charge, Collect Meter, Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game, Burst Mode, and Bonus Buy (Fast Track).


Cash Pandas: Slot Features

The game symbols in Cash Pandas consist of both low-paying and high-paying ones. The low-paying symbols include a crushed can, a can of food, a bitten apple, and a bitten doughnut. These symbols offer payouts ranging from 0.20x to 50x the initial bet. On the other hand, the high-paying symbols feature blue, green, and pink dollar notes, as well as a raccoon. Landing combinations of these symbols can reward players with payouts ranging from 0.40x to 500x the bet.


Cash Pandas introduces three types of wild symbols: the regular wild, the raccoon wild, and the giant raccoon wild. All three wild symbols have the ability to substitute for any regular paying symbol on the reels, assisting players in forming winning combinations.


Throughout the game, giant symbols may randomly appear on the reels in various sizes, such as 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4. When a giant symbol contributes to a winning combination and is subsequently removed, it leaves a wild symbol behind before the other game symbols cascade into place. The size of a giant symbol is determined by the number of 1x1 symbols it encompasses. Even if a giant symbol does not result in a win, it remains 'sticky' and persists on the reels until the end of the game round or until the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game is triggered.


Additionally, the game features battery symbols that contribute 5 or 10 points to the collection counter when they appear. Once a battery symbol has accumulated its designated points, it transforms into a wild symbol, further enhancing the potential for winning combinations.




In Cash Pandas, the gameplay unfolds with various elements, including giant symbols, Battery Charge, the Collect Meter, the Giant Racoon Wild Bonus Game, Burst Mode, and Fast Track.


Giant Symbols: During a spin, giant symbols of sizes 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 can appear randomly on the reels. When a giant symbol contributes to a winning combination and is subsequently removed, it leaves behind a wild symbol before the remaining symbols cascade. The size of the giant symbol is determined by the number of 1x1 symbols it contains. Non-winning giant symbols remain sticky until the end of the game round or when entering the Giant Racoon Wild Bonus Game.




Battery Charge: The Battery symbol adds either 5 or 10 points to the collect meter. Once it has contributed its points, the Battery transforms into a wild symbol.




Collect Meter: Each symbol removed by an Avalanche adds 1 point to the collect meter. The meter has three steps, each requiring 25 points to fill. When a step is completed, it activates a power-up from the queue. The power-ups include:


  • Random Wilds: Adds up to 7 wild symbols to the grid.
  • Symbol Conversion: Selects a random symbol on the grid and transforms all instances of that symbol into another.
  • Symbol Removal: Removes all instances of a chosen symbol from the grid.




The Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game is activated when the collect meter reaches a total of 100 points, having been charged four times and all power-ups have been used. In this bonus game, a single Giant Raccoon Wild is added to the grid, accompanied by a multiplier that is activated with each subsequent Avalanche and remains in effect throughout the entire round. The Giant Raccoon Wild can appear multiple times before it is divided into 1x1 Raccoon Wilds, which remain sticky until they contribute to a win or progress to the next stage of the bonus. Once the collect meter reaches the 100-point milestone, the round advances to the next stage:


  • Stage 1: During this phase, the game introduces 2 to 5 2x2 Giant Raccoon Wilds, followed by 4 1x1 Raccoon Wilds simultaneously.
  • Stage 2: In this stage, the game adds 1 to 4 3x3 Giant Raccoon Wilds, followed by 8 1x1 Raccoon Wilds at the same time.
  • Stage 3: The final stage involves the addition of 1 to 4 4x4 Giant Raccoon Wilds, followed by 12 1x1 Raccoon Wilds simultaneously.


Giant Raccoons are introduced one by one, and their wins are evaluated before the next one appears. It's important to note that the collect meter cannot be further charged beyond stage 3.




Burst Mode & Fast Track: The Burst Mode allows players to experience Cash Pandas at a faster pace, without graphics, by selecting a bet size and the number of spins. Additionally, the Fast Track feature offers a buy menu with four different ways to play the game from the base game. These options are highly volatile, except for the Giant Symbol, which has medium-high volatility:


  • Giant symbol: For 10 times the bet, players can access a game round featuring a giant symbol.
  • Stage 1 Giant Racoon Wild Bonus Game: For 70 times the bet, this option triggers stage 1 of the bonus round.
  • Stage 2 Giant Racoon Wild Bonus Game: For 200 times the bet, this option triggers stage 2 of the bonus round with a starting multiplier of x1.
  • Stage 2+ Giant Racoon Wilds Bonus Game: For 400 times the bet, this option triggers stage 2 of the bonus round with a starting multiplier of x1-x5.




Cash Pandas: Slot Verdict
Cash Pandas is an excellent choice for online gamblers seeking intricate and engaging gameplay. The game offers a wide array of features, ensuring that every spin is filled with excitement. With its diverse gameplay tools and autoplay options, Cash Pandas caters to players of all preferences. It is worth noting that due to the game's complexity, it is advisable to try the free demo version mentioned in the review before diving into real money play. Testing each of the bonus buy options through the Fast Track feature and exploring the Burst Mode can help determine which option best suits individual preferences. While Cash Pandas lacks a traditional Free Spins bonus feature, its other gameplay elements compensate for this absence.



  • Engaging Avalanche Cluster Pays mechanics
  • Wilds, Giant symbols, Battery Charge, and Power-Ups enhance gameplay
  • Fast Track bonus buy and Burst Mode autoplay options provide flexibility
  • Exciting Giant Raccoon Wild bonus game



  • No traditional Free Spins bonus feature
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