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Taiwan Black Bear [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:    Taiwan Black Bear
Developer:   KA Gaming
RTP:     96%
Volatility:   High volatility
Paylines:    50
Reels:   5
Min Bet (all lines covered):    $0.01 (USD)
Max Bet:     $2000 (USD)
Top Win:    800
Features:    Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, High volatility, 5 Reels
Themes:   Oriental/Asian, Food
Release Date   Dec 30, 2017


Now playing: https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:TaiwanBlackBear


Taiwan Black Bear Slot Review


KA Gaming, renowned as a provider of exceptional slot experiences, showcases its creative prowess in the captivating Nine Lucks slot. By ingeniously infusing familiar themes with innovative twists, this developer proves its ability to transcend expectations. One such example is the enthralling Taiwan Black Bear, a 50-payline extravaganza that defies the conventions of typical Asian-themed slots. Departing from the norm, it boasts not three, but four rows alongside its five reels, enhancing the gameplay dynamics. Furthermore, the exhilarating free spins round is accompanied by a remarkable super wild feature, elevating the excitement to new heights. However, it is during the thrilling Running Bear Bonus that the theme truly springs to life, as players endeavor to aid the animated bear in evading bee stings.




When the phrase "Asian-themed slot" reverberates, one might anticipate opulent displays of red and gold. Yet, Taiwan Black Bear ingeniously diverges from this predictable path, transporting players to a serene and ethereal natural setting. Transparent reels unveil rolling hills, adorned in a gentle palette of soothing hues, enveloped by lush foliage. The frame surrounding the reels mimics slender bamboo pieces crowned with a charming thatched roof. Vibrantly colored fruits, insects, and other elements of nature grace the symbols, contributing to the game's tranquil ambiance. It evokes the sensation of embarking on a rejuvenating countryside stroll, where even the titular black bears materialize as cheerful cartoon characters, devoid of any menacing aura.


Numerous avenues allow players to gauge a slot's essence and its potential rewards. While partaking in a free play demo serves as a viable option, examining the RTP (Return to Player) and variance can provide valuable insights into the average outcomes observed by fellow players in previous sessions. With an RTP of 96%, Taiwan Black Bear signals an auspicious beginning to one's gaming journey. However, the prospect of heightened risk may entice high rollers, as the game boasts a tantalizing high variance. As always, the results of each spin remain subject to randomness, ensuring an element of surprise and suspense with every gameplay session.


Upon accessing the bet window, a plethora of wagering options unfolds, ranging from a modest minimum of 0.50 to a daring maximum of 250.00, with a wealth of increments available in between to suit various betting preferences.




While two matching symbols suffice to trigger payouts for the two lowest-value symbols, the rest necessitate a minimum of three matches. The most lucrative rewards are reserved for obtaining five matching symbols, and even at the minimum bet level, the payouts are as follows:


  • Hill: 0.30
  • Acorns: 0.50
  • Building: 0.80
  • Hunter: 1.00
  • Bee, Fruit, Scatter: 1.50
  • Honeypot: 2.50
  • Fish: 3.00
  • Deer: 4.00
  • Bears: 8.00


Within the enchanting realm of KA Gaming's Taiwan Black Bear slot, players can bask in the allure of a meticulously crafted gameplay experience, brimming with creativity, visual splendor, and the tantalizing prospect of substantial rewards.



Taiwan Black Bear Slot Bonus Features

As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming seamlessly incorporates an array of captivating bonus features within their exceptional creations, exemplified by the mesmerizing Taiwan Black Bear slot. Among these enticing bonuses, the ever-popular free games feature reigns supreme, captivating players for its immense appeal. In this remarkable slot, players have the opportunity to unleash the free games round by uncovering three or more scatters, unlocking a realm of unparalleled excitement and rewards.




  • Discovering 3 scatters grants access to an exhilarating sequence of 15 free games.
  • Unveiling 4 scatters bestows an even more generous bounty of 20 free games.
  • Unleashing the full potential of the slot, locating 5 scatters triggers an astonishing 25 free games, allowing players to revel in an extended period of thrilling gameplay.



Within the realm of the free games round, fortuitous individuals may even stumble upon the extraordinary super wild feature, a rarity that adds an element of enchantment to their gaming experience. Comparable to a regular wild symbol, the super wild possesses the remarkable ability to substitute for standard symbols. However, its allure lies in its expanded form, spanning across not only one, but two, three, or even four reels. Such an extraordinary occurrence can significantly enhance the chances of attaining substantial winnings, leaving players astounded and eager for more.


In addition to the captivating free games, the Taiwan Black Bear slot presents players with another enthralling bonus feature known as the Running Bear Bonus. Remarkably, increasing one's bet not only augments the potential prize but also amplifies the likelihood of activating this engagingly themed bonus round. Once immersed in this captivating scenario, players find themselves faced with a noble task: rescuing the endearing bear from the perils of a stinging bee. Upon successfully fulfilling this valiant endeavor, deserving players are handsomely rewarded with a shower of coins, reaping the fruits of their bravery and skill.




Immerse yourself in the world of KA Gaming's Taiwan Black Bear slot, where an abundance of mesmerizing bonus features awaits. From the allure of the free games round, where fortune favors the bold, to the adrenaline-pumping Running Bear Bonus, this slot guarantees an exhilarating journey filled with anticipation, grandeur, and substantial rewards at every turn.


Taiwan Black Bear Slot Verdict

As an esteemed slot provider, KA Gaming presents Taiwan Black Bear, a visually captivating masterpiece that effortlessly transports players to idyllic hillside scenery, immersing them in a harmonious communion with nature. Every aspect of this enchanting world exudes beauty, offering a unique ambiance that evokes a profound sense of delight and tranquility. Even before delving into the realm of its exhilarating gameplay and bonuses, the slot's aesthetic charm alone ensures a gratifying and immersive experience.


Within this captivating universe, players are greeted with a gameplay experience that, while not revolutionary, still manages to deliver an abundance of amusement and excitement. The meticulously crafted mechanics and well-executed bonuses elevate the overall gameplay, further enhancing the immersive journey. Notably, the inclusion of the awe-inspiring super wilds within the free spins round stands out as a testament to KA Gaming's commitment to delivering exceptional features that captivate players and keep them on the edge of their seats. These remarkable super wilds possess the power to amplify the thrill, infusing the gameplay with an extra layer of exhilaration and potential rewards.


Taiwan Black Bear emerges as a testament to KA Gaming's prowess in crafting slot experiences that transcend mere entertainment and embrace players in a world of boundless charm and adventure. From the visually stunning aesthetics that transport players to a realm brimming with natural splendor, to the engaging gameplay mechanics complemented by notable bonuses, this slot exemplifies the artistry and ingenuity for which KA Gaming is renowned. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey that combines the serenity of nature with the exhilaration of gameplay, as Taiwan Black Bear unfolds its captivating tale, leaving players yearning for more.



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