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da Vinci [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:  Da Vinci
Provider:    KA Gaming
Release Date:    2018-03-01 
Type:    Video Slots
RTP:    96%
Variance:    Med
Hit Frequency:    64.7
Max Win:    x2000.00
Min bet $, €, £:    0.5
Max bet $, €, £:    2000
Layout:    5-4
Betways:    1024
Features: FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild
Theme: Science
Objects: Axe, Book, Instruments
Genre: Art
Other tags: Brown, Gray, Green, Sand color, Stone, Tree
Last Update:    2019-11-08


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:DaVinci



Da Vinci Slot Review


KA Gaming, the esteemed slot provider, has ingeniously crafted a captivating slot game centered around the renowned inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci. Renowned for his brilliance, Da Vinci serves as the inspiration for this remarkable slot machine, where KA Gaming's clever minds have introduced innovative features. Among the multitude of slot games available, the Da Vinci video slot boasts a truly unique bonus round known as the Invention Feature—a concept previously unseen. This groundbreaking feature rewards players by aligning symbols representing the items essential for the creation of Da Vinci's magnificent inventions, such as the awe-inspiring flying machine or the formidable catapult. The sheer genius of this concept is bound to captivate players.


Not only does the game excel in its bonus features, but the base game itself is exceptionally crafted. With five reels, symbols arranged in four rows, and the highly rewarding 1,024 Ways to Win format, players are bestowed with payouts whenever matching symbols align across adjacent reels. The meticulous design adds to the immersive experience, with symbols displayed against scrolls of paper adorned with intricate engineering drawings and calculations. The backdrop, reminiscent of wooden textures, is adorned with interlocking cogs and gears, evoking a captivating ambiance. Accompanied by a soundtrack that harmoniously transports players to the Renaissance period, the game achieves a seamless fusion of aesthetics and gameplay.




Detailed within the paytable are the enticing rewards for each potential winning combination. Regular prizes are awarded as multiples of the coin value, and with 50 coins in play, players receive five, 15, or 50 coins when the lowest-value symbol appears. Additionally, various symbols representative of Leonardo's tools, such as lumps of wood, shovels, axes, a carpenter's plane, plumb line, and skewer, grace the reels. The saw symbol grants players 40, 400, or 500 coins when it aligns on three, four, or all five reels, while the most coveted rewards are reserved for the book symbol, which bestows prizes of 50, 500, or 2,000 coins.


Although Leonardo himself has yet to make an appearance on the reels, his presence is not forgotten, as he assumes the role of the game's wild symbol. While Leonardo's symbol only emerges on the middle reel, it expands to cover the entire reel, significantly increasing the chances of completing winning combinations by substituting for any other symbol, except for the scatter symbol.




The symbol depicting an inkpot and feather pen acts as the trigger for the highly anticipated free spins round, activated when three, four, or five of these symbols materialize simultaneously. Before embarking on the bonus games, players are rewarded generously with 100x, 150x, or 250x the total stake, depending on the number of triggering symbols. The number of free spins awarded is also contingent on the quantity of scatter symbols that initiated the round, granting players 12, 18, or 25 exhilarating games to relish.


In summary, KA Gaming's Da Vinci slot game embodies a masterful blend of creativity, innovation, and rewarding gameplay. With its unprecedented Invention Feature, meticulously designed visuals, and captivating soundtrack, this slot offers a gaming experience that transcends the ordinary. Players are enticed by the allure of uncovering Da Vinci's extraordinary inventions and can reap substantial rewards through an array of enticing symbols, including the renowned artist himself. Prepare to embark on an immersive journey that celebrates the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci while indulging in the thrill of the reels.





Da Vinci Slot Bonus Features


As a renowned slot provider, KA Gaming demonstrates its prowess in crafting captivating bonus features within the Da Vinci video slot. Prepare to be astounded by the ingenuity displayed in this game. Witness the true brilliance unfold as the wild symbol graces the reels during a free spin that fails to yield a payout, granting you access to the remarkable Invention Feature. Within this feature, the emergence of specific symbol combinations awards you multiples of the total bet, showcasing the intricacies of Da Vinci's visionary creations. For instance, the amalgamation of symbols comprising two individuals at a drawing board, accompanied by the skewer, block of wood, and plumb line, brings forth the awe-inspiring catapult, rewarding you with a generous payout equal to twice your initial bet.




The inventive journey doesn't stop there. Discover further ingenious combinations of symbols, each representing a different invention awaiting your skilled assembly. Engage in the art of crafting a crossbow, constructing a sturdy wooden bridge, and even piecing together a bicycle (although the extent of Leonardo's involvement in this particular invention remains uncertain, it nevertheless adds to the game's delightful charm). Furthermore, immerse yourself in the world of aquatic exploration as you endeavor to assemble a meticulously designed submarine, all while engineering a functional waterwheel, a majestic church, and the mythical flying machine itself. Successfully completing these inventive endeavors awards you a thrilling payout of five times your initial bet, adding to the exhilaration of the gameplay. Although the rewards offered within the Invention Feature may not reach astronomical heights, it remains a delightfully entertaining round, showcasing KA Gaming's commitment to innovative gameplay mechanics that deserve commendation.




Prepare to be captivated by the Da Vinci video slot's array of bonus features, thoughtfully crafted by the esteemed slot provider KA Gaming. Delve into the realm of invention and creativity as you unearth the secret combinations that unlock the marvels of Da Vinci's genius. Celebrate the triumphs of human ingenuity, and immerse yourself in an experience where art and technology intertwine. With each spin of the reels, embrace the opportunity to witness the birth of extraordinary contraptions, all while relishing the chance to claim enticing rewards. KA Gaming's Invention Feature stands as a testament to their commitment to innovative gameplay, providing players with a truly unique and applaud-worthy gaming experience.







Da Vinci Slot Verdict

As an esteemed slot provider, KA Gaming's Da Vinci slot machine stands out as a testament to their ingenuity and mastery of game development. Immersed in the subject matter, this slot game exudes cleverness and innovation throughout its gameplay. While the base game may not boast exceptional uniqueness, it compensates with an intelligently designed interface and an exceptional Invention Bonus that truly elevates the overall experience.


Prepare to be enthralled as you embark on a gameplay journey brimming with numerous opportunities to land winning combinations across the reels, ensuring a consistent stream of payouts that will keep you engaged. However, it is worth noting that the absence of an automated stop function in the Autoplay feature when certain limits are reached is a minor aspect that could have enhanced the overall gameplay experience.


Furthermore, while Da Vinci himself assumes the role of a wild symbol, it would have been a delightful addition if he expanded to fill the entire middle reel, granting players a more immersive encounter with the iconic inventor. Alas, it is not uncommon to catch only glimpses of his feet or the top of his head after each spin. Despite these minor grievances, Da Vinci remains an exceptional slot machine, attesting to the remarkable craftsmanship of KA Gaming, a developer renowned for crafting their own masterpieces within the realm of slot gaming.

In conclusion, the Da Vinci slot machine from KA Gaming not only pays homage to the brilliance of its eponymous inspiration but also showcases the developer's expertise in delivering an outstanding gaming experience. With its clever design, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the excitement offered by the Invention Bonus, this slot is a testament to KA Gaming's commitment to crafting remarkable and memorable slot machines that resonate with players. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci while relishing in the artistry of slot gaming at its finest.




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