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Come On Rhythm [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:      Come on Rhythm
Developer:    KA Gaming
RTP:     96 %
Paylines:    216
Reels:      6
Min Bet (all lines covered):     £0.50 (GBP)
Max Bet:    £150 (GBP)
Top Win:    2
Features:    Wild Symbol, 6 Reels
Themes:   Musicians & Bands
Release Date   March 2020


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:ComeOnRhythm


Come on Rhythm Slot Review


As a Slot Provider, KA Gaming introduces Come On Rhythm, a visually captivating and musically immersive slot game that is sure to captivate a diverse range of players. With its distinct music theme and visually bold design, this slot offers an engaging experience. It may not be the most extensive offering from KA Gaming, but it successfully incorporates exciting features such as Wilds and a delightful Falling Win feature, both of which enhance the potential for landing additional winning combinations.


Come On Rhythm boasts a unique 216 ways to win setup, making it a notable choice for players exploring KA Gaming's free play slots. Allow us to delve deeper into the intricate details of this music-themed game for a more comprehensive understanding of what awaits you.




Tailored for music enthusiasts and concert-goers alike, Come On Rhythm immediately transports you to the heart of an electrified crowd, immersed in the exhilaration of dance and the euphoric sway of hands beneath the neon glow of strobe lights. The background scene, although uncomplicated, effectively sets the mood, with its vibrant purple and neon blue color palette immediately capturing the eye.

In the center of the screen, the reels take center stage, encased by two neon strips that elucidate the game's 216 ways to win configuration. Each symbol within the game aligns with the music theme and is presented in a playful neon design, perfectly reflecting the underlying disco party motif.


While the game lacks a continuous primary soundtrack, the moment players press the spin button and set the reels into motion, a pulsating drum-heavy beat permeates the air. This auditory accompaniment establishes a consistent rhythm for those who prefer a brisk gameplay pace, although it may prove slightly jarring for those who adopt a more leisurely approach.


Come On Rhythm not only boasts visual sophistication but also offers substantial gameplay features. Let us delve deeper into the diverse range of elements that this slot game presents.




Featuring a minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum total bet of 150.00, Come On Rhythm caters to the preferences of a wide range of players by providing ample variation. As the exact RTP and volatility of the game remain undisclosed, let us utilize this opportunity to examine the game's paytable, enabling us to gain insight into the potential level of wins available within the game.


  • Combination of 3 headphones yields a reward of 5.00.
  • A pair of headphones, symbolized by 2 headphones, grants a payout of 4.00.
  • Achieving 3 vinyl records in a combination results in a prize of 4.00.
  • If you land 2 vinyl records, the payout amounts to 2.00.
  • Aligning 3 microphones on the reels bestows a reward of 2.50.
  • Achieving a combination of 3 rock 'n' roll symbols grants a payout of 1.25.
  • Landing 3 music notes on the reels results in a prize of 0.75.


With this detailed exploration of Come On Rhythm's features, visuals, and potential wins, players can make an informed decision and immerse themselves in the vibrant and electrifying world created by KA Gaming.


Come on Rhythm Slot Bonus Features


As a prominent Slot Provider, KA Gaming introduces enticing bonus features within their slot game. Let's delve into these features and explore how they enhance the gameplay experience.


One of the remarkable bonus features is the Rainbow Disco Ball Wild, depicted as a vibrant disco ball adorned with a mesmerizing array of rainbow colors. Functioning as a Wild symbol, it possesses the remarkable ability to substitute for all other symbols featured on the paytable. This grants fortunate players the opportunity to form additional winning combinations and steadily boost their balances over time. It's important to note that the Rainbow Disco Ball Wild exclusively appears on the middle reel, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the gameplay.




Furthermore, the Falling Win Feature presents an intriguing dynamic within the game. This feature has the potential to trigger randomly during a lost spin, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to each spin. When activated, a column of symbols cascades from the top of the screen, elegantly replacing the symbols already present on the middle reel. Similar to the Wild symbol, the Falling Win Feature contributes to the players' chances of creating more winning combinations. It serves as a delightful mechanism that can turn a seemingly unlucky spin into a triumphant moment, further amplifying the overall thrill of the gameplay experience.




With these captivating and innovative bonus features, KA Gaming showcases their commitment to providing players with engaging and rewarding slot games. The Rainbow Disco Ball Wild and the Falling Win Feature work harmoniously to elevate the gameplay, offering players increased opportunities for success and an immersive slot experience that is sure to leave them enthralled.


Come on Rhythm Slot Verdict


As a reputable Slot Provider, KA Gaming showcases Come On Rhythm, a slot game that, despite its limited array of integrated bonus features, possesses a distinct charm that is poised to captivate an unexpectedly broad spectrum of playing styles. If you harbor a profound appreciation for all things music and neon, the thematic direction undertaken by the creative designers at KA Gaming is bound to resonate deeply with you. While the Wild and Falling Win features undeniably contribute to the augmentation of winning combinations on the reels, it is essential to acknowledge that the absence of multiplier wilds and bonus jackpots results in comparatively modest wins throughout the gameplay journey.


Should you find yourself enamored with the allure of Come On Rhythm and yearning for yet another exhilarating music-themed slot to indulge in, we present the captivating Wild Beats slot, crafted by the esteemed developer Playtech. With its 25-payline structure, medium volatility, and a remarkable top win potential of 5,000, this slot offers an enticing gaming experience. Furthermore, boasting a respectable 96.01% RTP (Return to Player), Wild Beats guarantees a gratifying blend of excitement and rewards, making it a compelling choice for those seeking further musical immersion on the spinning reels.


In summary, while Come On Rhythm may have certain limitations in terms of bonus features, its inherent charm and unique appeal have the potential to resonate with a diverse range of players. KA Gaming showcases their dedication to creating immersive experiences through the integration of the Wild and Falling Win features, albeit with relatively lower win potential. Additionally, we invite you to explore the enthralling realm of Wild Beats, where Playtech amplifies the thrill of music-themed gameplay with an attractive combination of paylines, volatility, and an enticing RTP.

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