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Pirate King [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:  Pirate King
Developer: KA Gaming
RTP:    96.15%
Volatility:     Medium volatility
Paylines:   50
Reels:     5
Min Bet (all lines covered):   $0.01 (USD)
Max Bet:    $2000 (USD)
Top Win:    200
Features:    Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, 5 Reels, Medium volatility
Themes:   Pirates
Release Date     Dec 28, 2016


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:PirateKing


Pirate King Slot Review


Embark on an exciting voyage across the Seven Seas with Pirate King, a captivating slot game crafted by KA Gaming, a renowned provider of thrilling slots. Immerse yourself in the captivating gameplay of this 5 x 3 slot, boasting up to 50 paylines, which presents players with ample opportunities to secure enticing wins. Prepare to be enthralled by the inclusion of a delightful treasure map bonus feature, enabling you to trace your progress on the map as you navigate through the game.


The gameplay experience offered by Pirate King is undeniably solid, striking a harmonious balance between wild symbols and free spins that enhance the game's potential for lucrative rewards. While it's worth noting the slot's graphical elements and paytable remain at a relatively modest level, the presence of the bonus feature elevates the overall gameplay, injecting an air of excitement into every spin.

Fun fact: Pirates have existed since ancient times, with their most renowned exploits taking place in the Caribbean and off the Barbary Coast during the 16th century. In line with many pirate-themed slots, KA Gaming endeavors to invoke the Golden Age of piracy; however, the visual aesthetics of this particular slot resemble a playful splash in a bathtub rather than an epic adventure.




The musical score and the clash of blades in the audio design bear the responsibility of creating an immersive atmosphere. Although the auditory experience evokes memories of the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the visuals lean more towards the whimsical style found in illustrations from children's books, reminiscent of the film Cutthroat Island.


Naturally, Pirate King encompasses all the classic symbols associated with pirates, such as a wild parrot, hooks, and bottles of rum. Some of these symbols may appear slightly random, as KA Gaming typically avoids using traditional playing card symbols to fill the reels, opting for thematic coherence instead.


Regrettably, KA Gaming has not provided information regarding the volatility or Return to Player (RTP) of this particular slot. However, it is worth mentioning that games from this developer typically offer an average RTP of 95% with a medium volatility level, making it a suitable choice for players who favor these metrics and seek an enjoyable gaming experience.




Players can engage in Pirate King with a minimum bet of just 0.01 coin per single payline, although most players opt to maximize their chances of securing wins by activating all 50 paylines:


  • Minimum Bet: 0.50 coins per spin
  • Maximum Bet: 250.00 coins per spin


The abundance of paylines ensures that individual wins may be relatively modest. The maximum win attainable through the maximum bet is 1000 coins, featuring a 4x multiplier. Notably, achieving a combination of five identical symbols on a payline results in a multiplier payout based on your initial stake:


  • Pirate symbol rewards 4x your stake
  • Ship's Wheel symbol rewards 3x your stake
  • Compass symbol rewards 3x your stake
  • Pistols symbol rewards 3x your stake
  • Cutlasses symbol rewards 2x your stake
  • Anchor symbol rewards 2x your stake
  • Hook symbol rewards 2x your stake
  • Barrels symbol rewards 2x your stake
  • Telescope symbol rewards 2x your stake
  • Rum symbol rewards 2x your stake


Venture forth into the high seas of Pirate King, embrace the thrill of the hunt, and uncover the treasures that await in this swashbuckling slot adventure.



Pirate King Slot Bonus Features


As a remarkable slot provider, KA Gaming has adorned this classic slot with an array of delightful bonus features, unveiling a plethora of surprises that will leave players captivated and yearning for more. Prepare to be enthralled by the following remarkable features:




Parrot Wild

Witness the charismatic Parrot Wild symbol, acting as a substitute for the esteemed Pirate King, adeptly replacing any symbol on the reels except for the scatter. During the exhilarating free spins round, these vibrant parrots transform into sticky wilds, eagerly clinging to their positions until the free spins draw to a close, thereby enhancing your chances of securing substantial wins.


Treasure Chest Scatter
Unlock the secrets of the Treasure Chest Scatter symbol, which possesses the power to unlock a thrilling sequence of 10 free spins when three of these captivating symbols grace any location on the reels. In addition to granting you free spins, these scatters themselves offer a reward of 3 times your total bet, further augmenting your potential for lucrative outcomes.




Moreover, during each set of free spins, you possess the remarkable opportunity to retrigger an additional five free games, prolonging the excitement and providing ample chances to amass astounding victories.


Treasure Map Bonus
Immerse yourself in the adventure-laden Treasure Map Bonus, an exceptional feature that can be triggered at any moment during gameplay. This enthralling bonus presents you with an interactive map, inviting you to embark on a voyage by simply clicking the ship's wheel located to the left of the reels. As you embark on this quest, bonus symbols become pivotal in determining your fate, as they offer tantalizing rewards of 0.2 times, 0.3 times, 2 times, or 3 times your initial stake for two, three, four, or five icons, respectively.




Furthermore, each bonus symbol that aligns on a winning line propels the pirate ship closer to the illustrious treasure island, igniting a sense of anticipation and anticipation within you. Once your gallant vessel reaches its destination, a captivating sequence ensues, wherein you embark on the thrilling task of opening instant-win treasure chests, unveiling bountiful rewards with each chest you unlock. However, be wary of the lurking danger, for hidden among the chests lies a treacherous bomb, abruptly concluding this riveting bonus round.


Prepare to be enthralled by the wealth of enticing bonus features within this KA Gaming masterpiece, as you sail through an ocean of adventure, encountering hidden riches and relishing in the exhilaration that awaits at every turn.



Pirate King Slot Verdict


As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming showcases their sheer productivity in the realm of gaming, and while not every slot they release manages to hit the bullseye, Pirate King undeniably boasts a few commendable features that are worth highlighting. The inclusion of enticing free spins accompanied by the captivating concept of sticky wilds adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to revel in the anticipation of potential big wins. Additionally, the ability to meticulously monitor and track your bonus progress through the treasure map feature serves as a commendable touch, adding a sense of engagement and immersion to the overall experience. However, it is worth mentioning that the rewards obtained from the bonus round may leave some players yearning for a more substantial payout.


For aficionados of the pirate theme seeking an extraordinary gaming experience, we wholeheartedly recommend indulging in the Pirate's Plenty online slot, an exquisite masterpiece from KA Gaming. Prepare to be spellbound by the visually stunning graphics and immersive audio that transport you into a world teeming with swashbuckling adventures. Notably, the inclusion of the high-potential battle spins feature elevates the level of excitement to new heights, promising the possibility of substantial rewards and leaving players in a state of pure exhilaration.

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