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Spinning In Space [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:    Spinning In Space
Developer:  KA Gaming
Release Date       November 2016
RTP     95.43
Volatility      medium
Paylines     20
Reels      6
Min Bet    1
Max Bet     4000
Max Win     5000
Features      FreeSpins,  Scatter symbols,  Wild,  Bonus symbols
Theme      Space
Last Update    09.07.2021


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:Space



Spinning In Space Slot Review


Discover the captivating universe of KA Gaming, an esteemed provider of online slots, as they transport you beyond the boundaries of our earthly realm with their extraordinary creation, Spinning in Space. Prepare to embark on an intergalactic adventure like no other, where the alluring allure of astronomical riches awaits. Within this stellar game, a mesmerizing display of peculiar planets, soaring rockets, and a delightful astronaut gracefully traverse the five enchanting reels. Brace yourself for an astonishing 4096 distinct pathways that pave the way for an array of triumphant combinations, fortified by the invaluable presence of a versatile wild symbol.




Immerse yourself in a celestial odyssey as we delve into a comprehensive review of the celestial Spinning in Space slot, meticulously scrutinizing the myriad of celestial bonuses it has to offer. Be on the lookout for a remarkable scatter symbol that holds the potential to bestow wins of epic proportions, skyrocketing up to an astounding 6,000 times your initial wager when it impeccably aligns across the six celestial reels.




Indulge in a seamless gaming experience, as KA Gaming accommodates your preferences by providing flexible options to play on various platforms, including both mobile devices and desktop computers. Engage in uninterrupted gameplay by utilizing the Autospin feature, allowing the reels to spin effortlessly for as long as your heart desires. Delight in the accompanying ethereal soundtrack that harmoniously resonates with the cosmic theme, further immersing you in the mystical ambiance. Additionally, tailor your betting strategy to your liking by adjusting the stakes, with a range spanning from a minimum of 1.00 to a maximum of an astonishing 4,000.00.

Let KA Gaming ignite your imagination and propel you towards astronomical triumphs as you venture into the vastness of Spinning in Space.


Spinning In Space Slot Bonus Features


Prepare to immerse yourself in a scorching realm of sizzling excitement, crafted by none other than KA Gaming, a renowned slot provider. Within this blazing inferno, behold the wild symbol, a formidable force capable of replacing all other symbols, with the exception of the scatter, igniting triumphant sequences and setting the reels ablaze with winnings. A celestial spectacle unfolds as a mesmerizing multi-colored comet streaks across the reels, igniting a fervor of anticipation, for it holds the power to awaken an exhilarating bonus game whenever three or more comets gracefully align on consecutive reels, commencing from the leftmost side.




Behold the awe-inspiring Exoplanet bonus, a delightfully straightforward round that beckons players to embark on a cosmic journey. With a mere click, explore the vast expanse of the screen, selecting any of the ethereal planets adrift in the celestial abyss, unveiling instant coin awards that are sure to leave you astounded.




While many slots from the esteemed KA Gaming repertoire feature captivating mini-games, our diligent review team was particularly enamored by the elegant simplicity and guaranteed rewards bestowed upon players in the Spinning in Space online slot machine. While the sky is teeming with objects of immense value, it is the elusive scatter symbol that holds the key to unparalleled fortunes. Observe closely as a minuscule planet adorned with towering structures and interconnecting roads materializes before your eyes, bestowing upon you the grandest of prizes without the constraints of specific reel placement.


Witness the exhilaration unfold as the sighting of just two scatters propels your total bet to unimaginable heights, awarding you a staggering 100 times its value, transcending the mere confines of coin denominations. Brace yourself as the cosmic spectacle intensifies, for the appearance of three or more scatters heralds even greater treasures, commencing with a generous payout of 200 times your bet, accompanied by an enchanting flurry of eight free games.


Yet, the cosmos has even grander rewards in store for those who dare to dream big. Dare to align the maximum of six scatter symbols upon the celestial reels of Spinning in Space, and behold as the universe itself rejoices in your triumph, showering upon you an astronomical bounty of 5,000 times your initial stake, accompanied by an astonishing allocation of 50 free games.


In the wake of such colossal scatter payouts and a cornucopia of free spins, one might assume that no further surprises await. However, prepare to be astounded once more, for each victorious combination forged with the assistance of the wild symbol bears the remarkable power of augmentation. Revel in the knowledge that your winnings shall be magnified, doubled or even tripled in value, as the wild symbol leaves its indelible mark upon the cosmic reels, ensuring a tapestry of opulence unfolds before your very eyes.



Spinning In Space Slot Verdict

Undoubtedly, KA Gaming once again proves its prowess as a leading slot provider with the creation of the magnificent Spinning in Space, a stellar masterpiece that effortlessly combines captivating gameplay with an enticing low volatility, ensuring a steady stream of gratifying payouts. Delve into a cosmic realm where the free spins bonus feature and the awe-inspiring scatter pays hold the potential for astronomical rewards, yet our astute reviewers observed that these coveted features, while undeniably valuable, were not bestowed upon players with great frequency, leaving us with only a solitary critique to offer in an otherwise flawless celestial voyage.


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