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K8 Casino Deposits & Withdrawals Guide

Charles Cedric

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K8 Casino

K8 Deposits & Withdrawals Guide


Deposits, Withdrawals, Addresses, and Transactions Guide


K8 platform supports various cryptocurrencies and networks, allowing users to choose the most suitable way to play. To ensure the safety of user funds during deposits and withdrawals, here is a guide:

💰 Deposit:

  • Log in and click the "Wallet" button in the upper right corner;


  • Click the "Deposit" option and select the cryptocurrency and protocol to be deposited;
  • Copy the provided address, then transfer from a third-party wallet to that address or scan the QR code;
  • Please ensure that your balance is sufficient to pay the transaction fee, as the minimum deposit amount varies for each cryptocurrency.


💸 Withdrawal:

  • Select the cryptocurrency and protocol to be used;
  • Enter the wallet address, cryptocurrency amount, and click the "Withdraw" button;
  • Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount varies for each cryptocurrency;
  • Our risk department manually reviews each transaction to ensure the safety of your funds.


💸 View transaction history:

  • Go to "Account"->"Transaction Records";
  • Find all the operations of your account and use filters to choose the time period and type of transaction.


📚 Address book:

  • Add third-party addresses to the address book for quick withdrawal of your cryptocurrencies;
  • Open the wallet, click "Withdraw", select the protocol, fill in the wallet address, and click "Save Current Address".


⚠️ Important note: To increase the security of your account, two-factor authentication (2FA) is required for withdrawals from K8.

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