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Cocorico [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:    Cocorico
Developer:   KA Gaming
RTP:    96.0%
Paylines:   30
Reels:    5
Min Bet (all lines covered):   $0.30 (USD)
Max Bet:   $150 (USD)
Top Win:   3000
Features:   Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, 5 Reels
Themes:   Animals
Release Date   19.10.2019


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:Cocorico


Cocorico Slot Review


Showcasing the prowess of KA Gaming as a remarkable slot provider Cocorico , this particular slot review exemplifies the beauty found in simplicity. Demonstrating their ability to achieve greatness with minimalistic elements, KA Gaming presents a five-reel slot game boasting 30 paylines. Among the game's features are six low-paying card symbols positioned below five captivating thematic symbols, accompanied by an enticing wild symbol and a scatter symbol, all enveloped in a vibrant and delightful charm. However, this slot transcends mere simplicity, as it offers an exhilarating free spins round complemented by additional multipliers capable of substantially amplifying your potential winnings.




Prepare to be astounded by the boundless possibilities within a farm-themed gaming experience. The Great Chicken Escape online slot sets the stage for an action-packed heist narrative, featuring an ensemble of diverse avian characters, each possessing their own distinct personalities. In contrast, Cocorico takes a different approach, showcasing a blissful hen residing contentedly within her cozy henhouse.

The setting and theme of Cocorico embrace a delightful simplicity. Within a wooden structure, one side presents a nest teeming with eggs, while the other side features the nurturing hen. Despite its minimalist design, KA Gaming has infused Cocorico with abundant vitality. The pink hen is meticulously rendered in vivid 3D detail, donning a cheerful expression and animated movements that are bound to bring a smile to any player's face. On the spinning reels, the conventional card symbols harmoniously coexist with various developmental stages of a chicken's life, encompassing everything from eggs and chicks to proud roosters. Each symbol possesses its own captivating animation whenever it contributes to a winning combination. Accompanied by a cheery soundtrack occasionally punctuated by delightful clucks, this engaging and vibrant slot promises an immersive gaming experience.


Upon clicking the New Bet button, you will be presented with a comprehensive selection of 15 betting options, ranging from the modest sum of 0.30 to the more adventurous wager of 150.00.




The rewards depicted on the paytable depend on the selected bet level, with the minimum wager yielding the following payouts for achieving five matching symbols:


  • Symbol 9: 0.10 credits
  • Symbol 10: 0.15 credits
  • Symbol J: 0.20 credits
  • Symbol Q: 0.25 credits
  • Symbol K: 0.40 credits
  • Symbols A and Corn: 0.50 credits each
  • Symbol Henhouse: 0.80 credits
  • Symbol Caterpillar: 1.00 credit
  • Symbol Chick: 1.50 credits
  • Symbol Rooster (also awards payouts for two matches): 5.00 credits


Moreover, the scatter symbol possesses its own independent payout structure, allowing for wins of 1.50, 3.00, and 6.00 credits when obtaining three, four, or five matching scatter symbols respectively. As an enticing addition, during the exhilarating free spins feature, your wins may receive additional multipliers, further enhancing your potential rewards.



Cocorico Slot Bonus Features

As a prominent slot provider, KA Gaming presents Cocorico, a game that embraces straightforward yet captivating gameplay, enriched with an array of enticing bonus features. Within this remarkable creation, players will encounter an assortment of Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, and Multipliers, each contributing to an immersive gaming experience that surpasses expectations. While the Wild symbol itself does not yield direct payouts, its true value lies in its ability to act as a versatile substitute for all regular symbols, enabling the formation of winning combinations that propel players toward rewarding victories. Moreover, the Scatter symbol not only grants players a chance to secure Scatter wins but also serves as a pivotal catalyst for triggering the highly anticipated bonus round, where the game's true excitement awaits eager participants.




Now, let us delve into the captivating realm of the bonus features that await within Cocorico.

The first of these exhilarating features is the Free Spins round, which unfolds when three or more Red Chicken Scatter symbols grace the reels with their presence. Once triggered, players are bestowed with a generous allocation of 10 Free Spins, allowing them to delve deeper into the game's thrilling potential. Although the Free Spins cannot be retriggered, rest assured that there is ample opportunity to maximize your gains during this captivating segment of gameplay.




Prepare to be enthralled, for within the realm of the Free Spins, the fickle hand of fate may grant you an additional boon—a random Multiplier bestowed upon each spin. Brace yourself for the possibility of experiencing Multipliers that range from a modest yet satisfying 2x, to the awe-inspiring heights of 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, and even an astonishing 15x. Regardless of which multiplier fortune favors you with, the surge of excitement and anticipation that accompanies each spin is guaranteed to leave you captivated, eager to witness the extraordinary potential that lies within this immersive slot adventure.



Cocorico Slot Verdict


As a distinguished slot provider, KA Gaming presents Cocorico, an impressive slot game that has the potential to offer an enjoyable gaming experience to both low and medium-rolling players alike. With its enticing 300x stake per spin payout potential, this game presents an opportunity that is truly worth exploring, beckoning players to embark on an adventure filled with delightful cartoony graphics, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility. If you find yourself captivated by slots that boast vibrant and whimsical visual aesthetics, combined with the allure of a substantial payout, then it is highly recommended that you give Cocorico a try. To further aid in your decision-making process, it is advisable to initially test the game in demo mode, allowing you to become acquainted with its mechanics and dynamics. Once you have experienced the gameplay firsthand and are captivated by its charm, feel free to indulge in the exhilarating pursuit of real-money wagers by exploring the esteemed casinos listed on this very page.


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