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Lands of Gold [KA Gaming] Slot Review | Demo Free Play


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Title:    Lands of Gold
Developer:   KA Gaming
RTP:    95.99%
Volatility:   Medium volatility
Paylines:   25
Reels:   5
Min Bet (all lines covered):   £0.25 (GBP)
Max Bet:   £500 (GBP)
Top Win:   7500
Features:   Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
Themes:   Irish
Release Date   October 2018


Now playing:  https://k8.io/games/slots/kagaming:LandOfGold



Lands of Gold Slot Review


Welcome to the enchanting world of Land of Gold, an online video slot by KA Gaming, where the captivating presence of a mischievous Leprechaun, a radiant rainbow, and an array of other delightful symbols will transport you to an Irish fantasy realm. Immerse yourself in this enthralling game as it unfolds on a classic 5x3 reel set, boasting 25 fixed bet ways that generously reward from left to right. Within this enchanting domain, a remarkable wild symbol takes center stage, capable of substituting for all standard paying symbols, with the exception of the bonus symbol. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating bonus game, activated by the bonus symbol, which unfolds on a captivating wheel, offering tantalizing opportunities to win free spins, multipliers, and even a chance at securing the coveted jackpot prize and substantial cash rewards.


Unveiling a captivating selection of 10 paying symbols, Land of Gold showcases the mesmerizing allure of a vibrant rainbow, a gleaming pot of gold, a charming shamrock, a harmonious harp, and a charismatic hat among its high-value symbols. Complementing these exquisite icons are five low-value card symbols, ranging from the majestic Ace to the delightful number 10, further enhancing the visual splendor of this remarkable game.




Dedicated fans of KA Gaming's exceptional craftsmanship will delight in exploring a plethora of additional KA Gaming free slots, available for indulgence in demo mode, right here at k8.io. Among the esteemed collection awaits the alluring Mermaid Seas, another masterpiece by KA Gaming, boasting an expanded reel set and an impressive 60 pay lines, along with a slightly improved Return to Player (RTP) percentage.


Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the Emerald Isle within the captivating confines of this classic KA Gaming slot. Revel in the presence of cherished symbols, ranging from bountiful pots of gold to whimsical and mischievous characters. The semi-transparent reel set exudes a delightful cartoon-style aesthetic, where the vibrant hues of the symbols effortlessly capture one's attention. As you partake in each spin, a lively leprechaun gazes intently from the right side of the screen, eagerly overseeing the game and exuberantly leaping into the air after every spin, adding an element of joy and excitement to the gameplay experience.




Immerse yourself further in the magical atmosphere with a delightful soundtrack, featuring the gentle tinkling of a piano. Unlike the often grating audio found in competing Irish-themed slots, the harmonious melody accompanied by the cheerful peal of bells with each spin enhances the overall immersive experience, ensuring that every moment spent in the Land of Gold is a captivating one.


Delve into this extraordinary slot adventure with bet sizes ranging from 0.25 to 125. Prepare to be rewarded handsomely as the pay table offers generous payouts for achieving five of a kind, with the following values: Rainbow (x1500), Pot of Gold (x500), Shamrock (x300), Harp (x200), Hat (x150), Ace/King (x100), Queen/Jack (x50), and Ten (x25).



Lands of Gold Slot Bonus Features

As players delve into the captivating world of this remarkable slot provided by KA Gaming, a multitude of enticing bonus features await their discovery during the exhilarating base game. Keep a keen eye out for the enchanting toadstool bonus symbol, for it holds the power to unlock a thrilling bonus game that will leave players on the edge of their seats. Transporting players to a wheel of fortune, this bonus game presents an exciting opportunity to claim extraordinary rewards, including the chance to seize a life-changing jackpot or secure substantial cash prizes that will undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience to new heights.




However, the allure of this slot doesn't stop there. Within the realm of this mesmerizing game, fortune smiles upon fortunate players, granting them the chance to unlock a bountiful array of free spins. Prepare to be enchanted as the wheel spins, revealing enticing possibilities that may gift players either 15 or 50 simple free spins, which in themselves hold the potential for immense winnings. But that's not all. The wheel also bestows upon the intrepid adventurers a series of additional spaces, each adorned with a multiplier that attaches to every victorious spin during the free games. As the journey commences, players are bestowed with a generous offering of 5 free spins accompanied by a multiplier of either x4 or x5, effectively amplifying their potential winnings. Yet, the wheel of fortune holds even greater treasures, for those truly blessed by fortune may uncover a splendid arrangement of 10 free spins accompanied by a x3 multiplier or, in a truly remarkable stroke of luck, an astonishing 50 free spins embellished with a x2 multiplier that promises untold riches.




It is important to note that while the rewards bestowed within the realm of free games are abundant, the possibility of re-triggering the free games remains beyond the grasp of players, urging them to seize the moment and make the most of every spin. For those who revel in the exhilarating realm of slots with captivating bonus rounds, Land of Gold merely scratches the surface of the myriad experiences that await within the illustrious portfolio of KA Gaming. Discover the full extent of their breathtaking offerings by venturing into the delightful realm of demo mode, conveniently available for exploration at k8.io. Immerse yourself in a world where bonus features abound, where every spin holds the promise of unbridled excitement, and where the possibilities for monumental winnings are limited only by the bounds of your imagination.



Lands of Gold Slot Verdict


Immerse yourself in a realm brimming with limitless possibilities, for this extraordinary creation by KA Gaming introduces players to a captivating landscape boasting an astounding 576 ways to amass a wealth of coins, ensuring that every spin holds the promise of unparalleled rewards. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with endless excitement, as this remarkable slot offers an engaging ensemble of bonus features that will keep players thoroughly entertained, fueling their insatiable desire to spin the reels and discover the myriad treasures that await within this enchanting world.


Within the depths of this immersive gameplay experience, players are bestowed with a generous selection of bonus features, designed to enhance their fortunes and elevate their enjoyment to unprecedented heights. From the tantalizing allure of free spins to the exhilarating prospects of a progressive jackpot, this game leaves no stone unturned in its quest to ensure that no player departs empty-handed, guaranteeing a thrilling and rewarding experience for all who dare to venture into its realm.


It must be noted that this unique creation possesses a quirky charm that sets it apart from the masses, making it an absolute must-try for those seeking a distinctive and unforgettable gaming encounter. While it may require a touch of patience to unlock its coveted bonus features, rest assured that when the momentous occasion does arise, you will find yourself expressing heartfelt gratitude to the stars that aligned in your favor. With its carefully crafted gameplay mechanics and an array of delightful surprises waiting to be uncovered, this game proves to be a true delight for intermediate and seasoned players, whose discerning tastes and experience will allow them to fully appreciate the depth and richness of this exceptional gaming masterpiece.


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable odyssey within the wondrous realm of this KA Gaming creation. As you navigate through its vast landscapes and unearth its boundless treasures, rest assured that you will be swept away by the sheer brilliance and ingenuity on display. Delve into this remarkable slot and discover a world where limitless possibilities unfold before your very eyes, ensuring that no adventurer, regardless of their experience level, shall depart without a smile on their face and a wealth of memories etched in their hearts.

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