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Can be done and is easy.


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Can be done and is easy.

Just need the numbers.

If dozen 1 has 45 hits, dozen 2 has 19 hits
and dozen three has 21 hits why be suprised
if dozen 1 "goes to sleep" for 20 spins?

If red has 50 hits and black has 30 why be
suprised if there are 10 blacks in succession?

If the average of the last ten numbers is 13
why be surprised if there are 4 or five high
hits in succession?

Just needs the use of mathematics and common

Unfortunately common sense seems to be in short
supply on roulette forums and bizarre theories get
all the attention and space.  Why be concerned
about which numbers have hit?  That's the past.
What we are concerned with is the future and
that's clearly shown by mathematical methods
not abstract theories.

Hey Victor...Can we have a section for people who
are willing to tackle roulette in a common-sense
way so we don't have to read all these dotty posts
by people who think they can get rich if only they
could find the "K8 Games" -- whatever that might be?

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