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Is casino cheating in Baccarat or Many of us can't play well Baccarat, and get losing mostly ?


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This is very important topic for Baccarat players who play live and real in casinos against the house by  its all cameras,AI technology, black shoe boxes+cables+computers and so on.  It is not actually easy also to manage your emotions and money management(bankroll), use your experience&skills max and make decisions in a limited time in that atmosphere. 

I play in K8 Gmaes. I always think two things why the house doesn't make all that Baccarat shoe boxes Acrylic, or just from wooden without any cables and computers.  Is that only recording and presenting hand results and statistics in the monitor???? No, i don t think so.

The second thing, why the house keeps camera inside of this plastic black shoe boxes. Is it only for safety and security ? I don't think so.

One card shifting in order in the box can easily change the hand result.  What i observed mainly, people who plays sometimes very big comparing to others , they immediately get caught and lost. I don't say they control the game at all and always, but i feel they can affect at least hand result and make a difference.

Players should demand  that the house remove all that cameras inside of the shoe boxes and it shouldn't be any cable or electronic device that somebody from outside might be done any changes remotely.

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