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Bitcoin Freedom


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Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to make us not to be dependent on third parties such as government and banks to control our money. Satoshi gave us the opportunity to control your coins (money) without the interference of anyone. He also made us know that bitcoin is an alternative currency to fiat. This will mean that there is no limitation with bitcoin. Bitcoin is an absolute freedom.

My point is that people should stop making others feel that they are not enjoying the freedom introduced by Satoshi by not following bitcoin principles strictly. Freedom is freedom and should mean freedom.


  • If I decide to live a private life that no one knows how much I own, that is great and it is called freedom
  • If I decide to do KYC on all the exchanges and gambling sites, that is freedom
  • If I decide to leave my coins on exchanges, that is my choice, and it is called freedom
  • If I decide to share my private key with everyone I know, that is freedom
  • If I decide to use and reuse one particular address for all my transactions, that is freedom

My point is, no one should detect for anyone how to enjoy the freedom. You can only advice or teach, stop seeing people using exchanges or doing kyc as anti bitcoin.

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