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Baccarat Attack Strategy


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The baccarat attack strategy features four bet types that you can make use of:

* Starter Bet - This type of bet requires you to place the entry wager amount in order for you to join the game. The amount depends on the type of baccarat you’re playing.

* Trigger Bet - The trigger bet is the wager you place after the starter bet. You need to double the amount of the starter bet for this. For example, if the starter bet you placed is $3, you need to wager $6 for the trigger bet.

* Attacking Bet - The attacking bet is where the fun part starts. If you succeed in the trigger bet, you will transition to this mode. You have to increase and lower your wagers in a certain order. You have to start with half of the amount of the trigger bet then slowly work your way up as long as you have a winning streak.

* Retrenchment Bet - You have to shift to the retrenchment bet once you lose in the trigger bet or attack bet. To do this bet, you have to increase your wagers continuously. Add the starter bet to all your bets, respectively.

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