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Here is one very aggressive method..it wins huge most times but it also loses few other times.
A number appears. Bet for next number to appear. Next number appears. You bet another next number to appear(along with last bet) but with +1 progression for the latest bet.
14(current number)
Bet 15 with 1 unit on it.
Bet 15 with 1 unit and 24 with 2 units on it.
Bet 15 with 1 unit, 24 with 2 units and 28 with 3 units on it.
Bet 15 with 1 unit, 24 with 2 units, 28 with 3 units and 0 with 4 units and so on..
When you get a hit and not all time high then  you have to delete the bet on the winning number and place it on next number with +1 again and continue.
Our target is always to aim for the number followed by its next number in the pattern. When it does we have huge profit!
Usually you don’t bet more than 18 numbers at any time and with differential bet amounts the game gets really interesting.

Stop loss: 1000 units.
Test yourself and check the results before you play always!

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