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Some good books on how to play Blackjack


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Here's the list of my recommendation:

  1. Blackjack Bluebook II by Fred Renzey - This book includes a comprehensive introduction to the game's rules, instructions, and a collection of simple methods for gaining an advantage by counting cards utilizing a three-card counting trick. The segment explaining the three most frequently misplayed hands is very entertaining.
  2. The Theory of Blackjack by Peter A. Griffin - One of the true masterpieces of blackjack theory is this book. Griffin takes his readers on a veritable tour de force of everything blackjack, concentrating on the numbers and math behind card counting techniques. Despite having a heavy math focus, the book still manages to be enjoyable to read and is filled with funny anecdotes about the author's playing career.
  3. Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson - Probably the most comprehensive book on card counting ever written is called Blackjack for Blood. Carlson offers a variety of useful tips and techniques for playing the house so that your gambling involves almost no risk, in addition to the Omega II technique for counting cards.
  4. Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp - This book offers an explanation of some of the oldest, most tried-and-true card counting procedures, which are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels. It was written by the man who is regarded as the true father of card counting. The book may be a little dated in some ways, but it still has a ton of timeless pearls of knowledge in it.
  5. Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere - Since he first began dealing blackjack as a young teenager out of the back of a barbershop, Lawrence Revere has made a good living from the game. This book contains hundreds of clever strategies to help you get the better of the dealer and is written to assist those who want to become professional blackjack players.


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