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Which game is better, poker or baccarat?


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For me that depends on how good you are at poker. Since skill and luck both play a role in poker, if you're a good player, you can expect to make a respectable living from the game. In the event of bad luck, your skill helps you lose less from it while in the event of good luck, it helps you profit more from it.

Baccarat is a guessing game with no skill or pattern involved; the scoreboard shows pointless statistics that could influence your choice. The display board plays you because the human mind is always looking for patterns. If the board could help you win, the casino would take it down. Nevertheless, taking commission into account, if you're placing equal bets on each hand, you'd need to win at least 55% of them to stay in the black. Since those probabilities are higher than the real odds of predicting the right answer, luck plays a significant role.

In casinos, it is generally tougher to win a game the easier it is to play.

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