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PokerGO Expands Poker Coverage with Primetime Channel and YouTube


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PokerGO is committed to increasing poker's appeal on a global scale. The relationship with YouTube TV and Primetime Channels on the Google-owned streaming platform is the natural next step, the firm said in a news statement, because to get there, the company requires the appropriate distribution channels.

With a new YouTube partnership, PokerGO broadens its poker coverage.

Through the agreement, PokerGO will be able to easily distribute additional poker content and bring top-notch games to millions of viewers around the world. Subscribers will be able to watch regular season and final table showdowns live and on demand thanks to the agreement with YouTube TV and Primetime Channels, which will also help PokerGO's platform grow and bring in more money for its own operations.

The company acknowledged that viewers can also buy the content directly from the YouTube Primetime Channels collection. The World Series of Poker, PokerGO Tour Majors Super High Roller Bowl, US Poker Open, PokerGO Cup, and Poker Masters will all be covered by PokerGO.

More than 100 days of live poker tournament coverage are available to subscribers each year, in addition to programs like High Stakes Duel, No Future, No Gamble, and High Stakes Poker. One of the most reputable creators of poker content, PokerGO has played a key role in the game's growth both in North America and internationally.

This year, BetMGM and PokerGO collaborated to organize the company's inaugural event, the BetMGM Poker Championship, at PokerGO's Aria Resort & Casino studio in Las Vegas. The Venetian in Las Vegas, which was set to host the event, canceled the final two PokerGO Series events in September.


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