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Hello to all,

I've been gambling for about 20 years off and on when budget permits and have used many "systems" in that time. I've noticed no matter what system I use - the same pattern seems to appear.  The system works great at first and then eventually falters, then crashes and burns.

The most recent run was 14 days of winning in a row (28 total sessions - see below) with a very simple system... day 15 and 16 I experienced considerable drawdowns and then never recovered. That was probably my longest winning streak on a single system.

This got me to thinking... What if we use many different systems in a given period?  In other words, let's say I gamble every day and each day pick a different system to use, assuming I'm not gambling all day long. (I currently only usually play about 15 or 20 minutes per session - 2 sessions per day).

So I'm thinking the K8 Gaming is simply that - ALL the systems you've ever thought of or read about on a list and then just pick a different one each session. Set a reasonable Win-stop for each session.

There is no math or science behind this idea... just trying to take advantage of what seems to be optimal "luck" when starting fresh with a different system.

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