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Can someone do a quick analysis for the No Mirror strategy?


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Hello to all.
A beginner here, always have read what the members have to say, never actually posted anything.

Baccarat for me has been an up and down journey and I want to improve my play.

Last to last night, had a great casino night beginning, in K8 Gaming, but after a few moments bet all the money (principal + 5 times win amount) on the BANKER bet but lost.


For STRATEGY purposes I usually use follow the other players and follow the shoe (including follow the chops, if 3 or more).

For betting purposes, thr first time I had played bac, I had great success, seriously great, so great that I considered using this as a main hustle.

However, martin has failed me more than I can count.

Only recently I have started using No Mirror strategy (betting oposite to the last column on the marker board).

Can someone do a quick analysis for the No Mirror strategy and post comments below, along with some suggestions to pair the strategy out with good money management tips?

No mirror example

Marker Road
Last Column. My bet
B. P
B. P
P. B
P. B
P. B
B. P

Any other general suggestions are more than welcome.

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