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Best Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023 [5. Tamadoge: Cute Meme-2-Earn Coin Among Best Metaverse Projects]


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The Tamadoge metaverse stands out because it is centered on an unusual combination of meme coin and addictive P2E/NFT gaming.

The ‘Tamaverse’ revolves around ‘Doges’ – cute pixel-graphics dogs that build on the outrageous 2021/2022 success of the doggy meme coins led by Dogecoin and then Shiba Inu. 

Drawing on the compelling mechanics of the Tamagotchi games of the 1980s, the idea with Tamadoge is to breed and train your own Doge. Then players can tackle a growing selection of arcade games with their Doge – and, as the project develops, take on other Doges in competition.

Tamadoge – P2E Tokenomics to Buoy $TAMA Value 
Players compete in cute platform games in order to rack up ‘Dogepoints’ and thus earn in-house crypto $TAMA. They can then spend their $TAMA to upgrade their Doges, buy in-game items and snag exclusive merch.

Access to games is granted to owners of ‘Common’ Tamadoge NFTs. Owners of the rarer NFTs – coming soon – will get special stat buffs.

Tamaverse – Exciting Plans
The Tamadoge Arcade is in beta testing right now. A total of 4 arcade games are due out soon.

As the roadmap progresses, each player’s Doge NFT will be animated in 3D which ‘will allow the Tamadoge NFTs to be integrated into existing metaverse environments.’

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$TAMA Up 860%+ Post-Launch!
Investors flocked to the 2022 Tamadoge presale, committing over $19 million in just 8 weeks. 

Investors took profits and the $TAMA price quickly dropped in line with the ongoing crypto bear market. 

As the markets eagerly await the rollout of the Tamaverse, the $TAMA price has been drifting. When players can get stuck into the full offering, we expect the price to rise again. And, in the meantime, there are still profits to be made.

Verified Security
The $TAMA smart contract has been audited by Solidproof and the team has been KYC-verified by Coinsniper. 

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