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Best Classic PC Games (Must Try!) 6. Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Luna Ramsay

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Released: July, 1994
Developer: Totally Games


Star Wars: TIE Fighter is renowned as one of the best space-combat sims in video games, with strategy playing a huge part in epic dogfights set against the backdrop of space. The energy management system keeps players on their toes, having them decide whether to sink it into shields, the ship’s engines, or weapons, for each scenario. What was even more revolutionary was that a Star Wars game put players into the shoes of an Imperial pilot, rather than a member of the resistance. TIE Fighter was made available to buy on Steam in 2014 with slightly improved graphics and sound, and all of the game’s expansions to boot, giving you the chance to play one of the best classic PC games ever for under $10 / £10.

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