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Best Classic PC Games (Must Try!) 7. Thief

Luna Ramsay

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Released: November 30, 1998
Developer: Looking Glass Studios


Stealth games today might not be what they are without Thief’s contribution to the genre. Or perhaps it might have taken them longer to get there. Either way, Looking Glass Studios’ 1998 title was a first-person game that actively had players avoid confrontation, rather than running headlong into the action. Thief’s steampunk setting added a touch of whimsy and was brought to life with emergent gameplay, as players decided how best to navigate their way through the levels - either with pure stealth, or by breaking from the shadows and engaging in combat, although the latter wasn’t half as satisfying. The series got a fourth instalment a decade after 2004’s Thief: Deadly Shadows, which acted as a reboot for the franchise, so if you’re feeling light-fingered, you can get a taste of the criminal lifestyle in 4K with the 2014 Thief reboot.

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