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Crash X [Turbo Games]

Luna Ramsay

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One of the most popular styles of games that continues to tickle players’ nerves across the world is Crash X by Turbo Games.

Because it lacks traditional slot game elements like reels, pay lines, or symbols, it differs considerably from a regular slot machine.

The spaceship rises at a rate of 1x during each round, and it can attain infinite height, providing a solid winning probability, but in order to win, a player must leap out of the spaceship until it bursts.

If a player succeeds, his bet will be multiplied by the coefficient, but if he fails, the player loses. Early take money or take it on the chin and multiply the coefficient? It’s up to your players to decide!

Space astronauts have been added to a legendary format! The game also includes an auto-play option, allowing players to modify various settings. Playing the provably fair Crash X may give anyone a sense of how it feels to win in legitimate competition.


How To Play Crash X



The game is simple. The pot starts at 0 and grows until someone hits the cash-out button. Then, it crashes and everyone who didn’t hit the button loses their money. There are two ways to cash out:

  1. Set a multiplier yourself before cashing out
  2. Auto-cash out at any time


To set your own multiplier, click the «Set X» button above the big green «CASH OUT» button. A slider will appear that you can use to choose what multiplier you’d like to cash out at.


You can also click the «All In» Button which will automatically set your multiplier to the highest possible value given the current state of the game. Note that this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win.


Once you’re happy with your multiplier, click the «CASH OUT» button. The round will then end and everyone who didn’t cash out will lose their money. The amount you win is calculated by multiplying your original bet by the multiplier you cashed out at.

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