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Best Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023 [4. Calvaria: P2E Card Battler Among the Best Metaverse Crypto]


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Sumptuous graphics and absorbing gameplay await those brave enough to enter the Calvaria metaverse – set beyond the realms of the living.


This is a card battler where players fight it out to earn in-house crypto $RIA.


Calvaria: Strategic World Creation

Not only has the Calvaria team excelled in producing detailed lore as well as a ravishing graphical world, but the project is very clear about the practical advantages it brings to players – compared to other key P2E projects (see table below).



Whereas market-leading Gods Unchained and Splinterlands provide a scattering of key P2E elements, Calvaria includes them all: P2E, free-to-play, story mode, 3D character, play without crypto wallet, mobile gaming, DAO, P2P marketplace and an in-game scholarship system.


The project centers on six structural units: staking, the game itself, the DAO, the in-game store, mini-games and the scholarship system.


No less than nine revenue streams will be in play: app top-ups, sales of card decks, limited collections, royalties on NFT sales on the secondary market, card upgrades, in-game ads, tournament income, loot box drops, and in-game store commissions.

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In the comprehensive Calvaria white paper, the experienced team summarize why Calvaria stands out:

  1. Addictive gameplay
  2. Rewarded gaming
  3. Real ownership of game resources
  4. Fostering a sound economy that goes beyond the game itself
  5. Experienced team of founders and developers


The Calvaria presale has had 5 stages. We are now 85% through stage 5.


Exciting Calvaria Roadmap

2023 will see the Calvaria project take shape fully. With the $RIA token contract now fully audited and both the lite-paper and whitepaper released, there is plenty more in the pipeline:


Q1 2023: INO on KuCoin, Gate.io and XT.com. Token launch and CEX listing. NFT drops.

Q2 2023: Alpha version of the game released.

Q3 2023: Official Calvaria launch, and tournaments to be set up.

Q4 2023: Game expansion, creation of in-house eSports team.


Required is either a MetaMask, KuCoin or WalletConnect wallet charged with some Ethereum (ETH) to exchange for $RIA.

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