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Best Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023 [3. RobotEra: Hot New Metaverse Crypto in Presale Now]


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Metaverse crypto RobotEra is a new kid on the block in presale now. This metaverse project is supported by a stunning sandbox world and strong Play-2-Earn mechanics.


Fully-audited and KYC-verified by SharkTeam and Coinsniper, this brand-new crypto delivers an exciting new take on the idea of metaverse.


RobotEra – Rich in Lore and Compelling Gameplay

RobotEra is set on the planet Taro, where players take the role of robots to explore, build and create as they wish. The ecosystem revolves around in-house crypto $TARO as well as NFTs that can be created and traded.


Players elect to join one of 7 robot tribes – each with distinct advantages. Players will have their own NFT avatar, with the chance to forge their very own robot companion as an NFT too.


Players can buy land or win it through airdrops, and then develop that land with mining and building projects. Creative freedom is the name of the game here, with the developers promising that, ‘on Taro you will be able to do anything on your own continent, including but not limited to mining, construction, energy collection, production, playing, etc.’


As with successful pioneering metaverses like Decentraland, real-world commercial opportunities are plentiful. Players can, for example, use their land to host group marketing events – inviting people from other metaverses to come and look around. Players can even earn $TARO by selling advertising space.

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Strong P2E Cycle Embedded in the RobotEra Ecosystem

Investors in the RobotEra presale will want to know that the good tokenomics are going to support the price of $TARO. 


So it is good news that $TARO is at the heart of the RobotEra metaverse – with players able to earn it in numerous ways including trading NFTs, staking $TARO, mining, land management and market transactions.


Players can also stake $TARO to take part in the RobotEra DAO and contribute to key decisions over how the metaverse evolves.


Get in Right At the Beginning of the $TARO Story

The RobotEra presale has only just started. With $639k raised, there are just under 60 million tokens left in stage 1.


The price of $TARO right now is 0.020 USDT. This will rise by 25% when stage 2 begins. Then the price will rise once more in the third and final stage of the presale:


RobotEra ($TARO) Presale Stage$TARO Price

1      $0.020

2      $0.025

3      $0.032


Investors who commit now will have already made a paper profit of 60% by the time $TARO hits the exchanges. Follow the RobotEra Twitter page for news of listings as they are announced. 

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