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Best Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023 [2. FightOut: M2E Cryptocurrency Available on Presale Now]


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Fitness ecosystem FightOut stands out a mile in the hot new Move-2-Earn sector as the best metaverse crypto. And this M2E sizzler is in presale right now.


With a reported two million subscribers apiece, existing Move-2-Earn projects STEPN and Walken have shown that consumers want to link their fitness in the real world to achievements and rewards in the virtual world. 


And FightOut takes this key aspect of Move-2-Earn to a whole new level.


FightOut – Compelling P2E Mechanics

The focus here is on tough workouts and great rewards, with a motivating combat sports feel. The FightOut app tracks the progress of users as they exercise in the gym or at home, and uses that data to buff a unique NFT avatar for each user in the FightOut universe.


As the project develops, players will be able to use this ‘soulbound’ avatar to compete in sporting and combat games against other users. 


In the meantime, players can earn in-house, off-chain crypto REPS by completing exercise tasks in the real world – and then exchange their REPS for all manner of exclusive merchandise and rewards in the FightOut ecosystem.


FightOut – Strong Tokenomics

Users pay for their FightOut subscription with $FGHT – which should support the $FGHT price over the long term.


Get Up to 50% Bonus Free in the FightOut Presale

The first 24 hours of the FightOut presale saw smart investors pile in and reserve $1.5 million of $FGHT tokens. Right now, $3.45 million has been raised in total. And there is only $2.55 million worth of $FGHT tokens left in stage 1.


How many presale stages are left exactly? We do not know. But the FightOut team has confirmed that there will be a price increase in stage 2. That means that investors who buy now – with the price of $FGHT at just $0.0166.


What’s more, the FightOut presale is unusually generous in offering early investors bonuses of up to 50%.


  • At the lowest bonus level, investors who buy $500 worth of $FGHT will receive 20% more $FGHT for free.
  • At the highest bonus level, investors who commit $50,000 or more will receive 50% more $FGHT for free (an impressive $25,000 worth).
  • Due for full release in Q4 2023, the FightOut metaverse is developing fast. Check out the FightOut roadmap for what is coming over the next few quarters. Don’t miss out on the $250k FightOut giveaway, for example – investors only need to hold $250 of $FGHT to be eligible.
  • Join 49k FightOut followers on the official FightOut Twitter page.
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