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Have you guys ever caught an online casino cheating?


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So I'm currently writing a Roulette strategy guide which i have been testing for ages. It has a really good strategy which has left me sitting on a live roulette table for Days at a time! So here it goe's.

I was running a martingale playing with inside bet, Now with my signature's numbers, during pen-testing, there was a round it never went past, so naturally this for me is my max table limit when playing live and hitting a full table. Simple strategy (only part of the one I'm using mind.

Place my bets, miss, double up etc,,, until I'm full martingale with a max table bet down. Same numbers as before so again I click double bet and then this BS occurs....

Just before "No More Bets' is called - like with zero reaction time I get a message of, 'bet unaccepted'... The wheel spins, My number lands. Pissed... Now kicking myself for the second time as I'm not recording this... What can a dude do, just accept I guess, place a repeat bet down and see if I can make the money back.

Click the re-bet and before the timer even runs out for 'no more bets', I'm logged out for inactivity.. WTF..?

Obviously by the time I log back in the rounds finished... and you got it... Another one of my number's lands....

As I know a live stream can be delayed for a period of time can and would a casino manipulate the game like this? I've seen it to some degree's a few times now... or was that just a point in time where i was just shit outta luck...?

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