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5 truths about Bitcoin, In my opinion?


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1. Many people will probably become wealthy thanks to bitcoin, especially long-term investors.
2. Due to its widespread acceptance, portability, ability to be shared, accessibility, comparability, and relative stability, bitcoin is the currency of the future and the means of trade. It will therefore be utilized as currency in the future.
3. Bitcoin can end global poverty.
4. There is a lot of false information out there concerning bitcoin, which makes it difficult to understand.
5. Unknown to the majority of people, bitcoin has expanded incredibly widely. Blockchain technology is already being used by some of the greatest firms in the world, and some nations want to clone bitcoin since it is so successful.

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I agree to some of what you just said. 

Indeed, Bitcoin can make people rich but it will still depend on the strategy and position of his/her investments. And yes, Bitcoin is gradually being accepted as a legal tender in many parts of the world.

It is important to only read news from a trusted source, avoid reading in blogs that do not come from a professional in the field because being filled with wrong information will gradually influence your way of thinking especially when it comes to investing your money in crypto. 


But I personally don't understand how it can end global poverty...

Maybe you can enlighten me more about it? : )


Btw, this is a really good topic. ❤️

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