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My Daily Life as a Photographer


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Click !! Click !! Click !! This sound of my Camera that i really love. 🥰 being a Photographer is my sideline if someone ask me for an event schedule, i can earn money with my hobby. It's my Passion since when i was a kid to take a pictures because pictures was so special to me to have a good memories with my love ones. 🥰🥰 The flashing alarm clock rings loudly in my ear as I awake from my dreams. I hit the snooze button many times before I actually get up and out of bed. Today I have plans to meet with a friend for a photography shoot at her house. These photos will be added to my ever-growing portfolio. Although still groggy, I am, however, incredibly excited that I have photography as one of my plans today. For me, photography is a part of my everyday life. I take my camera everywhere I go, whether it is down the street, down town, or just to a friend's house; there is always something to photograph. Something is always going on around, so it never gets boring. After I get dressed and do the normal morning routine, I sit on my unmade bed and stare at my dresser. I have a decision to make: 35mm or digital camera. For this particular photo shoot I decide to go with the digital camera because I figure I will have to do some digital photo editing whenever I get back to my house. If there is a thing ive always wanted to take photo , it was always be my Mom face.❤️




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