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What makes Thunderkick slot machines so good?


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Thunderkick slot machines are a favourite of a lot of online casino players. Why? For various reasons that we will explain you straight away.


One thing players like about Thunderkick slot machines is their HD graphics. All of their games are extremely good looking which is highly appreciable.

Their digital artists really know how to create immersive slot machines for the players greatest enjoyment.


Another thing players enjoy about Thunderkick is the potential maximum payout of some of their games. Some of their slot machines have a maximum potential payout of 10,000x (Pink Elephants 2), 10,052x (The Falcon Huntress), 15,000x (Crystal Quest Deep Jungle), 22,700x (Carnival Queen), and even 25,000x (Riders of the Storm).


The variety of themes treated by their games is also another reason why these slot machines are so popular. Some of them are about thieves (Wild Heist at Peacock Manor), fantasy stories (Beat the Beast Cerberus’ Inferno, Beat the Beast Krakens Lair), American Indians (Turning Totems), Steampunk era (Riders of the Storm), animals (Not Enough Kittens, Birds on a Wire), Mexican themed (Luchadora, Esqueleto Esplosivo 1 & 2), adventure themed (The Falcon Huntress, Sword of Khans, the Crystal Quest series)…


There is only one thing this game provider could do to improve its slot machines: adding the bonus buy function. More and more players like to buy bonuses, and that would be a great addition.

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