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I found it here at K8.io that they also have OWN INVENTED Games. wow!! This makes me curious so i try the HILO :classic_cool: this is fun and so EASY to play haha! so cool because even a young kids can understand easily the game and yeah! Winning Rate was so High because you can skip and choose your own cards when to Bet. Love that part!! To whom who invented this Blockchain Games only for K8 he/she so Genius But i can't even say if this Own Games of K8 was already popular by K8 Members i mean do they also try it before? Or have they seen it before? :classic_smile: Because it doesn't sound so popular at all. So yeah! what we need to do to make a Things being popular, Of Course make some Promo's or Events only for those Games (ORIGINALS) only. :classic_biggrin: Because i wanted to make sure i will also be one of the Player that time haha.. And yeah make tomorrow im also going to try the MINES (ORIGINALS) just i can't make it now because of my bad internet connection, so sad. :classic_dry::classic_dry:






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