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Attila The Hun [Relax Gaming]


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Title: Attila The Hun
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 20
RTP: 96.35%
Hit Freq: N/A
Max Win: 300x (Estimate)
Volatility: Medium/High
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/100
Release Date: Out Now


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/rlx_attilathehun


Attila the Hun Slot: Overview


Developer Relax Gaming has opened the gates to allow a flood of invaders in from the East. Based on historic conqueror Attila the Hun, this slot revolves around the epic battle between the Hunnic chief Attila and the Roman Army led by Aetius. Attila was a successful invader who had several cracks at the Roman Empire during his time, none decisively successful, but brutal all the same. Certainly brutal enough to be labelled the 'scourge of god' by the recently converted Christian empire. These epic showdowns between clashing cultures form the basis of Relax Gaming's slot. It manages to represent both sides fairly, while animating scenes of battle, for entertainment purposes and as integral parts of the features.




The Attila the Hun video slot has a quality to it not present in other Relax Gaming releases. It's like a tapestry, or classical painting brought to the reels, rather than a cartoon or photorealistic representation that they're otherwise known to do. Battles, and spinning, take place on a 5x3 grid which shares the screen with two armies lined up for battle. On the right, we have Attila's chaps, while the left side is given over to the Roman legions. Aetius fought and defeated Attila at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in France, which is one of the most famous battles involving Attila the Hun. Anyway, setting bets is the first order of the day and options start at 10 p/c and can be raised to £/€100 for some high rolling. Rules are easy, match three or more symbols on one of the 20 fixed paylines to collect some coins. Driving the action is a rather high volatility that produces a fair number of dead spins, as well as a respectable RTP of 96.35%.




In keeping with the unique graphical presentation is a bunch of unusual symbols - in a good way that is. Historical gamblers will be all over this. Leading the charge are 4 low pays; all old coinage such as green, bronze, silver, and gold, each with a sweet old design stamped on them. Next up are 3 mid paying animals – dogs, wolves, and a horse. Lastly, there are 2 premiums – a blue Hunnic shield, and a red Roman one. Each is worth 15x and 20x the stake respectively for five of a kind on a line.



Attila the Hun Slot: Features



Attila the Hun is quite a busy slot and there are in total 6 features to look out for involving respins or free spins. The most frequent are the Walking Wild Respins. The Hun and Roman soldiers symbols are wild, can substitute for any of the pay symbols, and are worth as much as the Roman shield. When they land on the reels in the base game, they trigger respins and move one space to the left or right with each new spin. When they move off the grid then the respins come to an end.


The Roman wilds move to the right, while the Huns move left. If an opposing wild lands on a respin they trigger the Small Battle Free Spins. Here, the two symbols merge into one 2x2 size battle symbol where the two soldiers duke it out. On each new spin this symbol moves one space in any direction at random and acts as a wild. If any part of the battle symbol moves off the grid it disappears and the Small Battle Free Spins are over. It doesn't mean the Walking Wild Respins is over though. Wilds from the triggered spin continue across the reels until none are left, and the feature is over. It is possible to trigger Small Battle Free Spins multiple times while the Walking Wilds Respins are active.




During the main game, Attila or Aetius can enter the game on reel 1 or 5 respectively. When they do, they sprinkle 2-15 Walking Wilds from their army onto the remaining reels. This is called the Attila or Aetius Walking Wild feature, and when in play, no wilds from the other army can appear during the respins. But, the opposing general can. If that happens then the Big Battle Free Spins feature is triggered, and runs in a set order. First reels 1 and 5 are stacked wilds, then reels 2 and 4, then reels 2, 3, and 4 become wild and begin to battle. Each army gets 2 hit points and they push each other back and forward making different reels wild as they do so. The battle ends when the hit points go to zero, and the game returns to the triggering Walking Respins.





Attila the Hun Slot: Verdict

Attila the Hun has its good points and bad points and thanks to the approach that Relax Gaming has taken it will appeal to certain players for sure. There are several things it can offer potential players. One is its singular look and theme. There aren't too many Hun themed slots floating around, so students of history may be intrigued. Perhaps those interested in witnessing how an ancient battle was fought – okay that is a tongue in cheek stretch, but still, the arms, armour, and coins are well crafted all the same. The vibe is a good one too, with the background and symbols looking like they were lifted right from an old copy of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Its pace is a blessing and a curse as well. For those looking to get as much action for their bankroll, the lengthy fight scenes and Walking Wild Respins do much to draw out time and stretch a budget.


That point leads into the cons. Those who want it hard and fast will struggle to find a good hit with Attila the Hun. For one, if animations aren't your thing, they can hold up the pace and get annoying. Also, they aren't worth a whole lot either. As a marker of potential, or lack, a screen of the premiums would get you 400 times your stake - if they landed stacked which they don’t, or didn’t during testing at least. Without the benefit of multipliers, it's hard to stack up significant wins, even during Big Battles.


So, Attila the Hun has its pros and cons, but it's more one for history buffs or casuals looking for longevity, rather than a game with big tension and rewards.




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