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What does a farmer, working on a mixed farm, do everyday?

Luna Ramsay

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What is a Farmer?

A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture: they practise cultivating crops and live stock. They raise these living organisms for food or raw materials. Modern definitions give the title to farm and land owners. Thus, making the farm’s employees farm workers or farm hands. However, older definitions award the title to any person who promotes or improves the growth of plants, land, and/or crops; and/or raises animals (live stock or fish) by labour and attention. 


  1. First, they awaken at pre-dawn. The farmer feeds the cows and calves at 6.15am, then milking begins at 6.30am. Before the sun fully rises, they also clean the sheds. 
  2. After the animals are taken care of, it’s time to prepare for the day. They must check that their tools and materials are clean and ready to work. 
  3. For the rest of the day, activities include checking on crops, plowing or bailing up grass for cows to eat in the winter, and general farm maintenance. Their day ends around 7.30-8pm


Farmers must battle weather conditions, working weekends, and never really being able to take time. However, they admit that the satisfaction of making something with their own hands makes the challenges worth it! 

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