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Money Cart [Relax Gaming]


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Title: Money Cart
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 40
RTP: 98.0%
Hit Freq: 12.5%
Max Win: 2,000x
Volatility: High (4/5)
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/500
Release Date: December 7, 2021


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/rlx_moneycart



Money Cart: Slot Overview


Now the cats out of the bag over at Money Cart 2, there'll be no mystery surrounding its sequel, Money Cart. Like the previous one, Money Cart is a remake of Relax Gaming's smash hit slot Money Train – the original, which at the time was one of the hardest-hitting slots to feature trains found anywhere. The 'Cart' range does things a little differently. Instead of battling through what can be a notoriously tough base game, players cut straight to the chase, more or less. You don't leap directly into a bonus game, nor do you buy it outright, or necessarily have to bet big. However, the way Money Cart is designed means players end up experiencing one of the most legendary hold 'n win games around a lot more frequently than before.



Money Train did not have the most forgiving base game and triggering free spins naturally could cause all sorts of trouble for even the most grizzled gunslinger. Well, forget all that. As soon as Money Cart loads, the sun sets, and the train from the original's bonus round rumbles into view amidst canyons, dust, bones, and the ever-twirling blades of the local windmill. It's a more realistic representation of the Wild West than Money Train 2 would turn out to be. There's less Steampunk going on, none really, just good, wholesome Western-themed action.




Another one of the benefits of playing Money Cart are the excellent set of stats accompanying the game. High on anyone's list is RTP, which really is the one saving grace of the cart series. At 98%, few will have anything to say except positive words. As expected, volatility is high, rated as 4 out of 5, similar to the full Money Train version, though experienced in a different way since the base game has been completely altered. Playable on tablet, smartphone or desktop, cowboys and gals select stakes from 10 p/c to £/€500 per spin.



Money Cart: Slot Features

Hitting the spin button sets the 20 positions on the 5x4 sized grid in motion. Most positions will be filled with tumbleweed, but if 3 or more purple bonus symbols hit, the respins feature is triggered.




Once triggered, 3 respins are awarded, and the triggering bonus symbols reveal a figure worth 0.1x the total bet. When new symbols land on a respin, they reset the respin counter to 3. As well as money symbols displaying 1 to 10 coins each, special modifier symbols may land to help improve the winning total:


  • Payer – reveals a value and adds it to all other visible symbols.
  • Persistent Payer – reveals a value then adds it to all other symbols for that spin and each following spin.
  • Collector – reveals a value, then collects all visible values and adds them to its own.
  • Persistent Collector – does the same as the regular collector on that spin and each following spin.
  • Widener – reveals a value and opens an additional reel.



When there are no spins left and the round is over, players are awarded the accrued prize. Located at the top left of the reels is a counter clearly displaying what each value on the reels is worth.




Money Cart: Slot Verdict


Like its predecessor, Money Cart is another clever idea that will no doubt prove irresistible for plenty of players who lack access to feature buys. The monumental base game grind is gone, and although not every spin lands the required three bonus symbols, you see a lot more of the bonus game action in Money Cart compared to triggering it organically in Money Train.


As always, the persistent symbols are the ones you want. You've probably seen how lethal the persistent payer is in action, whether in your own games or others, and it's amazing how instrumental they often are in hitting the game's win cap. Having one persistent payer in play is effective, but it is technically possible for two (maybe more) to be in view. When that happens, hold onto your hats as one persistent payer sprays its value on the other persistent payer, who sprays it right back on its turn. Anyway, this is just one of the insane outcomes that is possible when these sorts of Money Train/Cart games go mental. There are loads of dream scenarios, but keep in mind these are also highly volatile games, and a lot of the time, you're getting a lot more tumbleweeds than coins blowing your way.


When directly compared to Money Cart 2, however, that one is a tough competitor. It has a more evolved game world to spin in, as well as extra symbols to potentially enhance wins on the grid. The subject of potential is not as amazing as it might first appear in Money Cart either. While the in-game screen touts 'Win up to 20,000', it doesn't specify what you win 20,000 of. However, a glance over the paytable quickly puts this into perspective. Basically, the most you can win is 20,000 coins, or 2,000x the bet. It's the same system as was used in Money Cart 2, so if that one was a disappointment, then Money Cart will be a letdown as well. Offering a lower max win means the Money Train games retain their relevance since each slot has 10 times the potential of what their Money Cart equivalents can muster.


Still, with its compelling gameplay and shortcut mentality, Money Cart provided an overall positive experience. The action is fast-paced, the stats outstanding, and it's a great option for gamblers to have at their fingertips - in particular if you're located in a jurisdiction where bonus buys are not allowed. Money Cart 1 and 2 were a shrewd move by Relax Gaming, so inquisitive minds may well be wondering, since they're both in the bag now, all that's left is, dare we say it Money Train 3?




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