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Space Miners [Relax Gaming]


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Title: Space Miners
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 6
Rows: 3-10
Paylines: Up to 1,000,000
RTP: 96.47%
Hit Freq: 20.18%
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: 50,000x
Max Win Probability: N/A
Volatility: High (5/5)
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/20
Release Date: February 8, 2022


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/rlx_spaceminers



Space Miners: Slot Overview


It's strange to think there are actual human beings on earth researching the feasibility of mining asteroids. Think about it; they'd have to track an asteroid, fire a rocket at it, deploy mining equipment, extract the goodies, then transport them back to Terra for consumption. Maybe build a new mall, or something. Are we so far down the track of depleting earth's resources such an elaborate venture would be worth the cost? Perhaps not since the idea is not a popular one at the moment, but the fact that people are looking into it is telling.


This brings us to Space Miners, an online video slot from the now Kindred owner game studio Relax Gaming. If humans aren't keen to do the mining in space, and our technology isn't up to the job yet, these quirky little Reactoonz looking dudes have no qualms going where no man has gone before – for minerals. Held on what looks like an asteroid covered in mining equipment as cubes of rock and aliens float by, the view is exceptionally agreeable, made wonderous by a background of nebulaic gasses as the universe slowly cycles through destruction and regeneration.




Space Miners is a game which posts massive numbers, and one of the biggest standouts is the number of ways to win. Not so much at the start of each paid game round where the 6x3 panel of active symbols produces 729 ways to win. However, start destroying the surrounding blocker tiles and growing the grid can create up to 1 million ways. Getting there is a highly volatile ride that gets a nudge during the bonus round where the grid does not reset between spins as it does in the base game. With an RTP of 96.47%, Space Miners can be played on any device and comes with stakes of 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin.


The paytable is dominated by five alien symbols as the higher value tiles, worth 0.6 to 5 times the stake for six of a kind. Four crystal gem objects are the lower value symbols, each pulling in 0.4x the bet for six of a kind. The box of crystals is the wild symbol which appears on any reel to substitute pay symbols. When wilds hit, they expand to cover all active positions in their reel.





Space Miners: Slot Features

As alluded to above, it's the job of Space Miners to destroy blocker tiles, thereby allowing extra symbols and increasing ways to win. This task gets a helping hand in free spins, which may be triggered naturally or bought if possible.




Whenever a winning combination appears, a respin is awarded. In addition, any blocker tile next to a winning symbol is destroyed and removed for the respin, opening up more of the game board. When no new wins appear, respins end, and in the base game, the grid returns to its 6x3 size.


Power Up Features
Some blockers have power-up symbols embedded in them. Destroying them unleashes the specific power-up:


  • Cross – destroys all blockers in a vertical and horizontal line.
  • Horizontal – destroys all blockers in a horizontal line.
  • Vertical – destroys all blockers in a vertical line.
  • 3x3 – destroys all blockers in a 3x3 area.




Free Spins
When bonus symbols appear in the main game, they are collected. Collecting 3 of them in one game round awards 6 free spins, plus 2 extra spins for any additional scatter. When bonus symbols land during the bonus round, each one adds +1 free spin to the remaining amount. The only real difference in free spins, admittedly a helpful one, is when blockers are destroyed, they stay that way for the remainder of the feature. The grid does not reset between free spins, in other words.



Bonus Buy
If available in your jurisdiction, players can buy their way straight to free spins for the cost of 100x their bet. Buying the bonus increases the RTP to 97.14%.



Space Miners: Slot Verdict


Space Miners has shades of several other games in it, and part of the fun was picking them out. From the Reactoonz type aliens to the looks and mechanics of slots like Cluster Tumble, TNT Tumble and Cluster Slide, to name a few. However, Space Miners didn't feel like a patchwork quilt copy, but rather a DNA milkshake that produced something hugely enjoyable when it emerged out the other end.


The blocker destruction mechanic brought to mind Cluster Tumble, yet in action, the two games sit at opposite ends of the spectrum. Where Cluster Tumble could link masses of tumble chains until time ceased to have any meaning, Space Miners delivers short stabs of intensity. Free spins, for example, can very quickly blast their way to clearing blockers, triggering respins, and heading towards crazy numbers of win ways, or it goes nowhere, fast. Aspects of TNT Tumble crept in as well, partly from the feature blockers but at a faster pace. In TNT Tumble, you kind of had more time to mentally line up the feature blockers you wanted to destroy. In Space Miner, you're dropped into a race where you either sprint or stumble off the track.


Three commonalities tended to run through our best test results. One was winning 8 free spins rather than 6 - the two extra spins seemed to make a big difference. The next was getting as many extra spins during the feature from stray scatters, while the final was blasting the grid to full capacity as quickly as possible. Mix those together, and we were getting wins upwards of 3,000x, which, due to the vast number of ways, could be intense. Any future bonus round that does hit the game's win cap of 50,000x would be quite a sight, and after Relax Gaming slots consistently hitting their limits elsewhere, we're counting down for Space Miner to potentially do so.


All up, Space Miners was another class act from Relax Gaming. Aesthetically flawless, the gameplay is a broth of tease, madden, joy, and delight that Relax are experts at. Space Miners may well frustrate the daylights out of throngs of wannabe off-world miners, but lucky players have the chance to hit some serious paydirt.




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