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Daily Life of Happiness


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You can make your life happier. It is a matter of choice.


You might say it is impossible, since you have so many problems, and therefore, you just cannot be happy.


You are wrong. You can be happy even in difficult times and when surrounded by problems. Happiness comes from within, and does not depend on circumstances.


Events and circumstances can surely affect how you feel. If you let them. The secret is in not letting them affect your mood and state of mind. This might be not easy, but if you are determined to bring happiness into your life you can do it.


1. It is your attitude that makes you feel happy or unhappy.

2. It is your habitual thinking that determines whether you are happy or unhappy.

3. It depends on how much you let events affect how you feel.

4. It depends on how much you allow people’s words and actions affect you.

5. It depends on how you much inner peace you can produce.


We meet all kinds situations every day, and some of them may not contribute to happiness. However, we can choose to keep thinking about the unhappy events, and we can choose to refuse to think about them, and instead, think about and relish the happy moments.

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