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Tips and Strategies [K8 Slot games]

Luna Ramsay

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Lucky Neko slot tips and tricks


K8.io are the best choice in obtaining additional income because the spin wins that are successfully achieved will pay multiple times the amount of bets placed. Joining an officially licensed online slot gambling agent, it can provide opportunities to earn profits every day because there is an opportunity to run bets via smartphones. For the slot that is popularly played today is the Lucky Neko slot which offers a big chance of winning through 96.8% RTP.


In achieving victory in this slot game, players only need to get at least 3 of the same images to appear on each spin played. With the acquisition of a greater number of winning images obtained, the profit payment will be given with a greater value. Of course, to get a lucky chance in the Lucky Neko online slot, players can rely on small capital to start betting games.


Players can collect big income in this slot because there is a multiplication of x2 multiples of odds that can appear in large numbers. With the opportunity to win that can be obtained many times in 1x spin, it will provide the best profitable opportunities throughout the betting opportunities that are played. There are several tricks to win the best Lucky Neko online slot profits that you can rely on to increase your effective income, such as the following:


1. Purchase the Free Spins Feature

2. High Value Betting

3. Doing Frequent Spins

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Does the “Hit and Run” strategy work with Reactoonz?


With the Hit and Run strategy, you have an initial bankroll of (say) $100. You start playing $€1, $€5 or $€10 per spin, until you, either:

Have reached your target profit: profits of at least $€10, $€20, $€50, $€100, $€200, $€500, $€1000, $€2K, $€5K, $€10K, $€20K or $€50K (the latter is 500x your bankroll).

Have lost your entire bankroll ($€100 in this example)

The table below shows the chance of meeting the target first:

Reactoonz is a high variance slot, which implies that the Hit and Run strategy works with Reactoonz if you aim to make a high (but realistic) profit of at least 10x your bankroll ($€200 profit with a bankroll of $€100).

For example, the chance of reaching the target of $€1,000 is 4.2% if you stake $€10 per spin.

This strategy also works well with Reactoonz if you are eager to make profits of 20x your bankroll.

For higher targets, you need a slot that is even more volatile such as Jammin Jars.

If you don’t like to stake $€10 per spin, but prefer spins of say $€1, we recommend setting a lower target. In that case, though, you are better off playing a lower variance slot such as Bloodsuckers, Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest.

Reactoonz is a spectacular high variance slot and awards massive prizes

The Theoretical RTP of Reactoonz is 96.5%, which is not bad all!

Reactoonz will easily become your favourite slot if you like to win lots of prizes in the range of 100x to 500x the total bet. Reactoonz awards these much more often than most other slots.

Is Reactoonz an all-or-nothing slot? Pretty close, we would say. You are taking lots of risk. As a reward for the risk you make, you have a lot of upwards potential.

For the Hit and Run Strategy, Reactoonz works better than most other slots, if you aim profits of 10x to 20x your initial bankroll.

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Best Tips to Win Starlight Princess


1.Purchase the Free Spin Bonus

Betting opportunities that are played by buying the free spins feature in several rounds of the game, of course, can provide wins with effective large profits. Because there is a multiplication of the highest odds value up to x500 which can appear repeatedly in triggering large profits. In addition, there are winning opportunities that can appear more often which will benefit the players every time.


2.Create Multiple Accounts

Having many accounts / user ids in running this slot bet, it will make it easier for players to enjoy the best wins every time. Because each user id has the opportunity to win with various RTPs, so that throughout the effort the bets played can collect the best big profits.


3.Using High Stakes

Placing a bet with a high value for the next few spins can certainly attract winnings to be raised more often. It is possible that every spin won can pay off the best big profits. However, when you experience defeat quite often, it is better to immediately lower the value of the bet so that it is not easy to lose.


4.Take advantage of Autospin
Each player can get the best chance of winning for some time by taking advantage of the autospin feature that has been provided. Simply by setting a round of 50x or 100x for each opportunity to be played, then players can get the best wins on an ongoing basis from the number of twin images given more.

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