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4 Deals With The Devil [Relax Gaming]


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Title: 4 Deals With The Devil
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 6
Rows: 4
Paylines: 4,096
RTP: 96.50%
Max Win: 50,000x
Max Win Probability: 1 in 438,596,491
Volatility: High (5/5)
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/10
Release Date: September 20, 2022


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/rlx_4dealswiththedevil



4 Deals With The Devil: Slot Overview


Some say that instead of showing up with horns and a goatee, the devil appears in an alluring form, so as all the better to tempt people. It seems software provider Relax Gaming has taken this line of thought when developing the online slot 4 Deals With the Devil. That or they've been watching Bedazzled with Liz Hurley as the devil, and Brandon Fraser who is granted seven wishes in an attempt to get the girl of his dreams. Players don't get seven wishes in this game, but they do get deals in the form of four free spins bonus rounds with wilds which can expand and roam.


4 Deals With the Devil is set in what appears to be a throne room of sorts, sans infernos, brimstone, and torment. This domain is rather sedate, a tad tasteful even, decorated with braziers, a stained-glass window, creepers on pillars, that sort of thing. Stepping into 4 Deals With the Devil is more like walking into a crystal shop than a terrifying Dantean view of the underworld we are usually presented with.




First things first, and as well as picking a stake of 10 p/c to £/€10, players select which of the four bonus rounds they would like to play for. Full details of each one are listed below, and you can change your mind at any time in the base game by hitting the 'Change Bonus' button on the upper right side. Any device is suitable for doing a bit of dealing on, while the theoritical return to the player figure comes in at 96.5%.


4 Deals With the Devil is hosted on a 6-reel, 4-row game panel, with 4,096 ways to win. There are no paylines; instead, wins are formed when matching symbols land on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost side of the grid. Pay symbols are a mixed bag of classic slot icons and more game-specific objects. They start with 10-A card ranks, adorned with objects like roses or bells, before getting to cherries, dice, a ring, a cat, a gargoyle, and a Lucky 7s. Landing a six of a kind winning way awards 1.5-2.5x the bet for the card symbols, rising to 3-7x the stake for the higher value lot.


4 Deals With The Devil: Slot Features


Relax Gaming often lets players have a certain say in what sort of gaming experience they will potentially have. In 4 Deals With the Devil, users choose one of four free spins bonus rounds they would prefer to trigger. As well as free spins, the other feature to look out for is the Devil Lady Wild Respin.




Devil Lady Wild Respin
Wild symbols substitute for any pay symbols and can land 1, 2, or 3 positions high. Hitting at least one wild in the base game triggers a Devil Lady Wild Respin. During the respin, any wild in view is locked to reels and expands by 1 position. If a new wild symbol lands, another respin is awarded. Should a wild reach 4 positions high, it disappears.




Free Spins
At the start of the game, players choose which free spins round they would like to play for. As mentioned, this can be changed in the base game. Each one requires a different number of scatters to trigger it, has a different frequency, and offers slightly different rewards:




  • Cool requires at least 4 scatters to trigger, is frequent and awards 9 free spins with a locked growing wild on reel 3.
  • Medium requires at least 8 scatters to trigger, is average and awards 12 free spins with 2 locked growing wilds on reels 2 and 5.
  • Hot requires at least 12 scatters to trigger, is infrequent and awards 15 free spins with 3 moving growing wilds.
  • Xtra Hot requires at least 16 scatters to trigger, is rare and awards 20 free spins with 4 moving growing wilds.



If the number of scatters in view is enough to trigger a higher bonus, players spin a wheel for a chance to win the higher one. If the spin is not successful, the chosen bonus is triggered instead. If the number of scatters in view is not enough to trigger the chosen bonus, but it is enough to trigger a smaller one, then players spin a wheel for a chance to win the smaller bonus. Losing this spin results in no bonus trigger.


Expanding Wilds
The Cool and Medium bonus have Expanding Wilds. These wilds begin as 1x1 sized symbols, which may grow in the bonus to 2, 3 or 4 high. When wilds grow, they may shift to another reel.

Expanding & Jumping Wilds
The Hot and Xtra Hot bonus has Expanding & Jumping Wilds. At the start of the round, these wilds are also 1x1 in size and move randomly about the game board. They can grow in the bonus to 2, 3, or 4-high.

Buy Feature
Clicking the bonus buy button gives players the chance to buy the Cool, Medium, Hot, or Xtra Hot bonus for 30, 50, 100, or 400 times the bet, respectively.




4 Deals With The Devil: Wild Lab: Slot Verdict

4 Deals With The Devil felt like a game undergoing an identity crisis that wasn't totally sure what it was trying to be. Is it retro, old school, retro-modern, postmodern, post-postmodern, a visual essay on the nature of evil? Or are we just overthinking what is a slightly bedraggled game which might have benefited from a tighter coordination between its parts? Maybe fine-tuning the bits of the audio that didn't seem to fit or sprucing the weaker aspects of the visuals might have helped boost the game's appeal.


It's certainly not all doom and gloom, though. Positives include bonus rounds that can flip from nada to something when larger wilds jump to the right spots on the board. Winning potential could be the thing to convince players sitting on the fence, unsure whether to give 4 Deals With The Devil a try. The paytable denotes wins of up to 10,000x (the home screen 5,000x), but a trip to the rules section mentions a win of 50,000x the bet occurring during simulated spins, so all those ways and expanded wilds do have the ability to deliver.


Relax Gaming continued effort to give players a measure of influence over a game is also appreciated. What's good here is if you pick a smaller bonus, there is a chance of triggering a larger one if enough scatters land. Vice versa, players who stick to the larger bonus, still have a chance of winning a smaller one if less scatters land. This got us thinking, though. Since players can win higher or lower bonuses, anyway, doing it like this kind of negates the point of picking a bonus in the first place. Would 4 Deals With The Devil have been just as good if the picking bonus thing had been axed, and players straight out won the free spins round corresponding to the number of scatter symbols in view? That's not really the Relax Gaming ethos, though; preferring to mix things up, do things differently to keep players on their toes, and doing deals is essentially the game's key selling point.




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