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Caveman Bob[Relax Gaming]


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Title:  Caveman Bob
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 20
RTP: 96.49%
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: 500x
Max Win Probability: N/A

Volatility: Medium
Min/Max Bet: 0.40/200
Release Date: May 2, 2019


Now Play :https://k8.io/games/slots/rlx_cavemanbob


Caveman Bob: Slot Overview

At least in some respects all of us gamblers are Neanderthals. We seek the thrill of the highs and suffer through the lows as we rhythmically hit the spin button in our hunt for the big wins. Firing up Caveman Bob for the first time brings something utterly different to mind, however. In fact, the rather childish cartoon style graphics may have you confused, not knowing whether you should call the kids to watch Ice Age or prepare for a gambling session.


Set in a fictional prehistoric Pliocene, Relax Gaming takes you back to a time when fearsome sabre tooth tigers, mammoths and large birds roamed the wilds. In this 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline slot you'll join the restless nomad Bob as he moves between his favourite locations, each with a unique set of wilds and volatility on offer. There are also three randomly triggered features included in the game where you'll benefit from colossal symbols, cash prizes and symbol transformation. Join Bob on his adventure from between 40 cents to 100 Euros per spin.


Visually, Caveman Bob is anything but prehistoric. It's of outstanding quality and has an intricate and modern design, something that comes as no direct surprise having seen Relax Gaming's recent work. The narrative here is dynamic, as is the artwork. With three different locations to visit in the game, each of them have, not only unique mathematical designs, but also different themes - the Oasis with its lush surroundings, the Cave which is Bob's spiritual home, and the Mountain Peak where the features are harder to come by, but can be more rewarding than anywhere else.


The reels include a selection of card suit symbols designed as gems set inside carved stones. Of higher value are the 5 cartoon style characters represented by Pterodactyl birds, wolves, giant rhinoceros, mammoths and Bob himself, the latter being the most rewarding giving you 25 times your stake for 5 on a full payline. The wild is of the same value as the top symbol and comes in different sizes that can be both singulars as well as stacked. More on that later.


Just to add, the game engine is very sleek and the reels have a nice spinning action. Moreover, it all plays out to quite an intense rhythmic soundtrack with a primitive feel.


Caveman Bob: Slot Features
There's no free spins bonus in Caveman Bob. Instead, it comes with 3 randomly triggered Shared Features. They're called "shared" since they can be triggered on any spin regardless of your location on the map. Here's what you can expect:


Hand of Bob - once triggered, the least valuable symbol visible on the reels will be converted to a higher symbol. This repeats until a win bigger than the original win has been created and can continue even after that.

Mammoth Respin - when this feature is initiated, a respin is awarded. During the respin, the majority of the Mammoth symbols will be colossal symbols and available in 3 sizes out of which the biggest is 4x4 in size, nearly covering the whole reel set. The colossal symbols available to you depends on your current location. The Oasis carries 2x2 symbols, the Cave has both 2x2 and 3x3 symbols and the Mountain offers all combinations, namely 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 colossal symbols.

Bob's Wheel - you get one spin on Bob's multiplier wheel with a chance to win up to 50 times your total stake.



With three locations included in the game, each different from the others in terms of mathematical design and visual presentation and features, you essentially get 3 games in 1 here. Initially, however, all locations but the Cave will be inaccessible. In order to unlock locations, you have to properly explore those that are available to you first. In reality, they unlock randomly. Once you have unlocked all three locations, you will be able to move freely between them as you desire. Each location comes with a random wild feature. Here's what you get:


The Oasis - the lowest of the grounds and the place where Bob goes hunting. If he catches fish, one of the three previously mentioned shared features are activated. Randomly triggered, Fire Embers fly on to the reels and act as Spreading Wilds which can go on to give you a cluster of up to 13 wilds. This location is of low volatility, meaning winning combinations will appear more frequently, but the payouts will in turn generally be lower.

The Cave -  Bob's spiritual home and the place where it all begins. Here, Bob is terrorised by a tireless hog which when caught triggers one of the three shared features. At random, between 1 and 5 Stalactites may also land on the reels and transform into Fully Stacked Locked Wilds. This location is of medium volatility, meaning medium risk and medium payouts.

The Mountain - In these snowy peaks, Bob's being targeted by a giant bird but if he manages to catch one of its nutritious eggs one of the three shared features is triggered. A wild blizzard may also hit from time to time, randomly triggering the Random Wilds feature which can give you anywhere between 3 and 15 randomly positioned wilds. This location is of very high volatility and the Random Wilds feature is hard to come by, but it also has potential to be the most rewarding according to the information given in the paytable.



Caveman Bob: Slot Verdict

The prehistoric narrative stands in stark contrast to the progressive and modern production that Caveman Bob is. It's a highly innovative creation that can be a bit hard to wrap your head around at first, but it's also in part what makes the game so entertaining. The childish cartoon style graphics and feature-heavy gameplay will undoubtedly deter some of the veteran hardcore gamblers who might brush it off as a style-over-substance type game. Recreational players, however, who are just looking to kill some time and to get some engaging action out of their deposit may very well fall heads over heels.


It's fun to see something fresh and innovative like this and we actually don't miss the free spins bonus as there's always something happening thanks to all the random features. The only gripe we have is the somewhat low payouts, although, with potential to pocket up to 500 times your stake per single, it's not a total disaster. In other words, Caveman Bob is not a game where you'll chase life-changing wins, but if you're into entertaining slots, to break free from the spell of rhythmically clicking the spin button will be hard.

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