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Best Valorant Players in 2022 [11. nAts]


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Ayaz Akhmetshin, alias “nAts”, is a player with Gambit Esports – and also their secret weapon. He’s an absolute monster with Viper and Cypher, his go-to gaming partners. nAts swaps between the two depending on the needs of his team. Before nAts arrived, the controller and sentinel roles were monotonous. He changed the game’s metas and played with agents that many other players wouldn’t. Numerous settings that he developed in his Viper game were chosen by many teams and are still in use today.


Additionally, nobody anticipates elite athletes using an agency like Cypher in competitions. The cause is that Cypher cameras and traps are set up in predictable locations, making it simple for adversaries to bypass them.


When it comes to 2v1 or 3v1 tight scenarios, he is one of Valorant’s top players. His level of versatility will put fear into enemy teams, where they won’t know what to expect until it actually hits them.

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