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Dogecoin Increases after Elon Musk's Twitter 2.0 plan is revealed


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Dogecoin investors continue to be hopeful that Musk's vision for Twitter 2.0 will include some form of DOGE integration.

On November 27, Musk's share on his Twitter account on what seems to be a snippet of the improvements on the application. He referred to it as "Twitter Company Talk".

Here's the link to his Tweet; 


Although Twitter and Dogecoin has no direct connection with each other, this doesn't refrain the hopeful Dogecoin investors that it will positively affect them in any way. According to data from CoinGecko, Dogecoin’s price surged 19.4% from $0.089 to $0.107 over several hours after the tweet before cooling off to $0.096. 


This topic interest me very well so I did my own simple reading on the matter.

If you have your thoughts about it, I will be happy to have a conversation with you. : )

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As I open the forum and saw that most of the cryptocurrencies are in red and only Dogecoin are in green, this caught my attention and made me wonder. 

To what I understand, I think because most of the Dogecoin investor's assumes and hope that the payment for Twitter's new improvements will be made and processed using the currency. 

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